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  • Eric Noel
    Jul 13, 2006
      Using geographic placeholder names is a sensible method in general for helping to
      describe the location via the name for these obscure COGPP mtns. However, the general
      mtneering principle of naming rights being given to those who claim the FA should remain
      intact for these mtns just as they would on another other mtn. John Roper climbed it and
      so Prominencian Peak it is.


      --- In prominence@yahoogroups.com, "Edward \"7.389056099\" Earl" <esquared@...>
      > Of the alternatives we've suggested so far, I think "Prominencian" sounds best.
      > > "prominentariat" and "prominentarian" have political overtones.
      > >
      > > Don't know about others, but the former reminds me of communism (as
      > > "proletariat") -
      > I agree that "promentariat" sounds like "proletariat"; in fact I thought so as
      > soon as I read it, and I didn't need Adam's message to make me think of it. [One
      > would expect a term like this to be proposed by someone from a politically
      > left-leaning locale such as San Francisco.]
      > However, as an assiduous compiler of county prom points, I've been in the
      > position of having to find a convenient name for a heretofore unnamed peak a
      > number of times, and my usual way of doing so is entirely different. I normally
      > name the peak after some nearby feature that already has a name. For example:
      > One candidate for the San Joaquin CA county prom point is an unnamed hill on the
      > landside flank of the coast ranges. I've dubbed it "Elder Hill" after Elder
      > spring, which is near its prominence saddle (and not far from the peak).
      > In Curry NM, I've dubbed the county prom point "Hammond Hill" because it is
      > about 1 mile west of Hammond Ranch (and the BM on its summit is called Hammond).
      > Locals call the officially unnamed most prominent peak in the county of Los
      > Alamos NM "Quemazon Peak" after nearby Quemazon Trail and Quemazon Canyon.
      > I've dubbed the county prom point of Chavez NM "Wright Hill" after a nearby well
      > and spring.
      > As far as the Garfield WA prom point is concerned, I suggest "Melton Peak" after
      > the creek that runs down the gully on the east side of the mountain.
      > Edward "7.389056099" Earl
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