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  • wererichertoo
    Jul 13, 2006
      The tian/cian distinction that Andrew has brought up is an important
      one. Just looking at 'prominencian', I don't know how it should be
      pronounced. Does the ending sound like '-sian' (since 'prominence'
      ends in a soft -c sound), or does the ending sound like '-shun' (as in
      mathematician, statistician, etc).

      If it *is* supposed to end in -shun, it should probably be spelled
      'prominentian', much like 'aleutian', 'martian', etc. But then some
      people might pronounce it like 'christian', which different people
      pronounce in many different ways.

      If you like -cian an as ending, why not use 'prominencician'?

      Of the other 'English' choices suggested, I prefer prominentarian,
      since it has an one obvious pronunciation, and does not have strongly
      negative connotations (like prominentariat).


      > Some people appear to be trying to establish the term 'prominencian'.
      > Before this becomes standard, I must point out that the correct
      > spelling would have to be 'prominentian' - compare pairs like
      > influence/influential.
      > However, a better formation might be 'prominencer'.
      > Andrew Usher
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