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3623RE: WA CoGPPs Completion on Prominencians Peak, Garfield Co, WA

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  • John Roper
    Jul 12, 2006
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      Thanks, Adam,

      It was your report to the cohp group that made me get off my duff and put up
      this bare-bones version.

      Those were my tire tracks in the snow banks on the final spur road that
      allowed you access 3 days later. How great it would have been if we'd met
      serendipitously for the first time at that same downed tree across the road,
      then to do both the Garfield CoHp(s) and GPP together. I started to saw
      this tree down (it's always a good idea to carry a band saw or ax on WA
      backcountry roads), but walked the couple hundred yards to the TH, and
      decided it wasn't worth it.

      As to whether "Prominencians Peak" passes muster with the USGS, we should
      care less about a lesser authority than the WA County GPP Board on
      Geographic Names. We can call it what we want, especially since nobody is
      going to the top of this thing but a few inspired folks like you and me and
      the 30-some other Prominencians who will truly appreciate the significance
      of this moniker.



      From: Adam Helman [mailto:helman@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2006 11:38 PM
      To: John Roper
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      Subject: Re: WA CoGPPs Completion on Prominencians Peak, Garfield Co, WA

      Congratulations, John R, on completing the county greatest prominences
      of your home state!

      I enjoyed the description of your route starting from FR4030 -
      I was there just last week for the Garfield County highpoint pair:


      It is a pity that the name "Prominencians Peak" will not pass muster with
      the USGS.

      Finally, dropping 2,000 feet to reach the summit must be just a tad
      unsatisfying -
      especially as the uphill effort is done after the climax is achieved.

      Goodnight, Adam H.

      John Roper wrote:


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