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Three Island Highpoint Stories

1. Crown Mt (1552), HP of St Thomas, USVI and HP USVI, April 19, 2015. In Charlotte Amalie Patricia and I hired van and driver and asked to be taken to the HP
Robert W Packard
Apr 30

Tweedy, Electric, Hollowtop Peaks

I'm thinking of going to southwest Montana around Labor Day to do some peaks. Tweedy, Hollowtop, and Electric are some peaks I want to do. If you're
Apr 30

Re: End April FRL update

Hi Andy My figures are: World top 50 = 21 World top 100 = 29 P1500m ultras = 212 P610m = 492 P305m = 947 P92m = 3781 P30m = 9352 ... I guess you don't need
Rob Woodall
Apr 29

FRL update

Hi Andy, Here are the up-dates that I've been able to come up with for your prominence FRL. Will be current thru May 1. 3) Century Club (2k's): 1062 clean by
Robert W Packard
Apr 28

North Preston Hill and CT Completion

Greetings, First, a personal note. This trip, a long time in the making for us, marks the completion of the state prominence points of Connecticut for both
Apr 22

Mt Grant, NV access

Greetings fellow peakbaggers, Didn't make it to one of the last few Mt Grant challenges? No worries. Sharon Marie Wilcox from the Great Basin Peaks Section
James Barlow
Apr 22

Re: End April FRL update

Hi Andy! You seem to have my stuff pretty accurate! I list 219 Ultra (with Brenta), you list 218 ?? My Century club count (P2000 feet) now stands at 606 My 100
Petter Bjørstad
Apr 20

End April FRL update

Hi Folks - Am preparing the end of April update to the prominence FRL. Please send your info to me at oldadit @ gmail.com (remove spaces) The updated
Andy Martin
Apr 20

Re: micronations !

(Lee) ... http://www.peakbagger.com/list.aspx?lid=4390 Very good - I missed that. The usual good map at bottom of list - Andy
Andy Martin
Apr 15

Re: micronations !

Don't think we even have a prominence list for real countries. We have one for 54 European countries & territories that I put together from other people's
Apr 15

Re: micronations

There are the realms of Norton I, Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico (active 1859-80). It is difficult to define the effective limits of
Apr 14

Re: micronations !

The site currently has prom-based lists of 25 European countries listed here:
Rob Woodall
Apr 14

Re: micronations !

... will be tougher ... Don't worry, that one's been answered... https://www.sites.google.com/site/europeaklist/Home/netherlands "The *most prominent hill* in
Pete Ridges
Apr 14

Re: micronations !

(David) ... Don't think we even have a prominence list for real countries. There is a published list for country highest points: http://amzn.com/0952268043 It
Andy Martin
Apr 13

micronations !

We need a new prominence and high point list for these !! Itty, bitty (fake) nations to unfurl flags, royal doodads
Apr 13
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