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I may leave this Yahoo Group

My consultants' co-op went out of business because of the economy, lack of knowledge about marketing, etc. and I move to a different state. I'm decluttering my
Jul 8, 2012

[ANN] Urgent Request from Agile Open Northern CA Conference

Dear Agile Community Members, THIS IS AN URGENT REQUEST! Agile Open Northern California conference registrations have come in particularly slowly this year. At
Sep 18, 2011

[ANN] BayAPLN meeting on Feb 16th - Jim Highsmith - Beyond Scope

Come join us at the BayAPLN meeting on Feb 16th - Jim Highsmith - Beyond Scope http://bit.ly/2ZRqJK -- David Chilcott Outformations, Inc. Keep Breathing.
Feb 11, 2010

Fw: if you could post this iPhone developer "ad" appropriately, I'd

Hey folks, Friend of mine is looking for a good iPhone developer. Pointers appreciated. Thanks, -- David Chilcott Outformations, Inc. Keep Breathing. Tell
Dec 1, 2009

IT people to be certified by Fed. gov't.?

- I haven't had time to verify the message below but it seems urgent enough to pass along on that basis i.e. caveat emptor, subject to verification, etc.
Robert M. Pritchett
Oct 19, 2009

ANN: BayAPLN Meeting: June 16th Open Space: The Hardest thing about

June 16th Open Space: The Hardest thing about Agile for me is... Please RSVP (No Food) for this event or RSVP With Food (using PayPal) Location: 5:00 p.m. -
Jun 11, 2009

ANN: Last Week for Early Bird Reg - Agile Open California

After this Friday, Sept. 21, the reg fee for Agile Open California goes up! Check it out and register soon! If you are: - experienced in Agile practices in
Sep 18, 2007

San Francisco Bay Area APLN Local Chapter Inaugural Meeting Jan. 25

The Bay Area Agile Project Leadership Network Local Chapter (BayAPLN) invites you join us at our inaugural event on Jan 25, 2007 from 6:30pm to 9:30pm at the
Jan 11, 2007

Looking for a Java Programmer - STRUTS Focus

Hi Folks, I'm trying to help a client/acquaintance locate a senior/medium level Java programmer(s). Please spread the word. If you know of an appropriate
Dec 19, 2006

Merging corporations with co-ops and open source

Not a new concept (since it is essentially what we do) but still interesting. --David Chilcott drc@... www.outformations.com 510.655.7122 Voice
Oct 25, 2006

Looking for Linux in all the wrong places...

Hi Folks, Outformations is looking for a contract Linux resource to help us manage our Linux infrastructure. If you are a Linux System Administrator or know of
Oct 12, 2006

NEW NEW LOCATION: August 3rd - Ivar Jacobson on Essential Unified P

Hi Folks, Please excuse the SPAM - due to circumstances beyond our control we had to change the meeting location AGAIN. I apologize for any inconvenience this
Aug 1, 2006

August 3rd - Ivar Jacobson on Essential Unified Process in San Fran

For those of you in the San Francisco Bay Area: Save THURSDAY August 3rd FOR Ivar Jacobson on Essential Unified Process NEW LOCATION! -- See link below for
Jul 31, 2006

Spammer banned

I just removed and banned a new member for spamming the group. Good think all new members are moderated to start with.
RMP Consulting Partners LLC
Aug 21, 2005

March 17 - BAYRUG presents Scott Ambler -on The Enterprise Unified

For those of you living in the San Francisco Bay Area who may be interested: Bay Area Rational Users Group presents Scott Ambler on The Enterprise Unified
Mar 11, 2005
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