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1107Re: [411Serve.com] Attorneys Who Refuse to Pay

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  • Gladys Brierley
    Mar 4, 2014

      I don't bill so I don't have these issues but let me just make a couple of suggestions.  Here is another way you may have worded your email since he was only 30 or so days late.

      Dear Mr.  XYZ,

      I found that the address for the following service was not up to date.  I would be happy to get an updated address for you at the additional fee of $....  Also I noted a typo on the first name, do you think that will be ok or do you want me to edit it or do you want to edit it and send me a revised copy?  Also I have made additional delivery attempts on xyz vs abc.  Do you want me to go ahead with checking those addresses too, or would you like to continue under my surveillance mode at the rate of $... per hour, with a minimum of ....

      I am looking forward to a long term relationship with you.  Also did you get my invoice dated GHF?  Would you like me to stop by and pick up payment on Monday [or what day is best for you?]?

      Thanks again for your business.

      Then after you get your money, put him on advance payment stating you have changed your company policy to the economic times and that you understand he receives payment in advance so he will understand.

      I hope this helps.  I know how frustrating it can be not to get paid.  I had a few times like that and refuse to accept any project PI or process on invoicing now.  To be honest though it did sound like you had an attitude and I would have too.  I had to change my policy because I cannot stand playing games with people it gets up my blood pressure and brings out the worse in me, so I know I have to not INVOICE.  Smile
      Gladys Brierley
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      From: lraservices <no_reply@yahoogroups.com>
      To: process-servers-network@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Tuesday, March 4, 2014 9:59 AM
      Subject: [411Serve.com] Attorneys Who Refuse to Pay

      Here is the text of a letter sent to a lawyer on 11 February:

      Since I have not received any response to my emails, nor the $160.00 owed on my January invoice,  I am returning the undelivered papers for MH v. BM and KW v. Freddis [sic]St.  As I mentioned in my email, the address on the citation is not a good address for M.  Also Freddis is actually Freddie, so, technically, the style of your suit is incorrect.

      While I will not bill you for the delivery attempts for the remaining cases (unless you want affidavits of my delivery attempts), I would appreciate receiving your payment.

      The guy just responded to me TODAY via email, and said, among other things:  Take your attitude elsewhere.  
      This is not a problem I have with my lawyers I have dealt with since 1995.  This guy is relatively new to me.  So, if you're servicing a lawyer in the immediate vicinity of Richmond & Hillcroft in Houston, you may want to give me a call or drop me an email.  

      Andrea Hoxie, 
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