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1104Attorneys Who Refuse to Pay

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  • lraservices
    Mar 4, 2014
      Here is the text of a letter sent to a lawyer on 11 February:

      Since I have not received any response to my emails, nor the $160.00 owed on my January invoice,  I am returning the undelivered papers for MH v. BM and KW v. Freddis [sic]St.  As I mentioned in my email, the address on the citation is not a good address for M.  Also Freddis is actually Freddie, so, technically, the style of your suit is incorrect.

      While I will not bill you for the delivery attempts for the remaining cases (unless you want affidavits of my delivery attempts), I would appreciate receiving your payment.

      The guy just responded to me TODAY via email, and said, among other things:  Take your attitude elsewhere.  
      This is not a problem I have with my lawyers I have dealt with since 1995.  This guy is relatively new to me.  So, if you're servicing a lawyer in the immediate vicinity of Richmond & Hillcroft in Houston, you may want to give me a call or drop me an email.  

      Andrea Hoxie, 
      Civil Trial Law
      Texas Multiple Lines Insurance Consultant
      Certified Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act Professional
      Texas Authorized Process Server/Instructor, SCH #650

      Post Office Box 667506
      Houston, Texas  77266-7506
      Tel. 713 626 4690
      Tel. 409 234 4690
      Fax 713.364.7973
      Skype andrea.hoxie

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