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Why The Final 8 Screen Is Wrong

Hello Dino I doubt if any lamination would be that effective or last long or KITT would have been coated with it all the time. It wouldnÆt have stopped
gf willmetts
12:42 PM

Top Five Rated Episodes of Search (UPDATED SPELLING)

That's great Dino, thank you for posting that link! I have several good online friends from different parts of the world who post on a small board, and we're
Mar 19

In Search of Midas Blooper @ 45:47

It sounds good, bit I'm not buying it. I know it's just TV and it's a 43 year old show, but they were just to close not to shoot. They pulled their guns out
Mar 16

In Search of Midas - Missing Cameron line on the DVD

Hello Dino There were two versions of the pilot. In the UK we had the full length version, which is what came out on DVD, and as some of you have shown in the
gf willmetts
Mar 16

SEARCH/Bond Tie-in?

Agreed. Sorry if I wasn't clear about Craig- I love his gritty version of Bond. He just looks too different for me. When Dalton tried a darker portrayal he was
Michael B.
Feb 23

Web of The Spider

RE: VCR: Go to your nearest pawn shop and pick one up cheap. It will cost less than paying a “Professional” service. Look for a VCR DVD/burner combo as
Michael Beacom
Feb 9
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