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RE: [probe_control] Re: Probe Mexican set on Honey West

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  • Geoff Willmetts
    Blimey Don That email of mine goes back a couple years. I’ve just managed to reactivate my Yahoo account after finding my password, although it tells me that
    Message 1 of 34 , Dec 1, 2012
      Blimey Don

      That email
      of mine goes back a couple years. I�ve just managed to reactivate my Yahoo
      account after finding my password, although it tells me that I can�t look in on
      the photos until tomorrow.

      I did look
      in at the Columbia Ranch site but as it�s unofficial, it doesn�t necessarily
      mean they have access to all the records. In some respects, it might be easier
      to work out from if not there, how many other standing Mexican sets are there
      during that time period?? Looking at the photos, the re-dressing of a set and
      camera angle can change it�s appearance drastically. Look at how the Bradbury Building
      in �Blade Runner� not looking anything like its appearances in other films and
      TV series. I doubt even the most serious film buff from that period would have
      been matching it across films.

      I put �mexican
      village standing sets� into Google and a lot of links popped up.

      http://www.la411.com/Sets_Stages/category-cid-50508.htm has some 37 noted although not the
      time period.


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      updated our website. Please add to your links,

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      To: probe_control@yahoogroups.com
      From: dghprobe3@...
      Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2012 04:40:00 +0000
      Subject: [probe_control] Re: Probe Mexican set on Honey West

      Hi all: The Honey West episode, "Rockabye the Hard Way" aired on MeTV fairly recently, and I was able to make a composite screen capture of the Mexican/Spanish village set and posted it to our photos section. (Hopefully these links should work.)

      Honey West "Rockabye" Mexican/Spanish village set:


      I wasn't able to match the Honey West set with anything we saw in the opening of the Probe pilot, where Lockwood is in the Mexican/Spanish village to rescue the vice consul. I've posted captures of these scenes in our photos section.

      Probe during teaser opening of Lockwood in Mexican/Spanish village:




      Later during teaser opening as Lockwood rescues the vice consul:




      I sent the Honey West pic and a few of the Probe pilot pics showing the village sets to the FB page for the Unofficial Columbia Ranch site and got a reply that those scenes were not filmed at Columbia Ranch. Here is the regular website page with photos of the Convent Set area.

      The Unofficial Columbia Ranch site (Convent Set page):


      You can also the check other areas of Columbia Ranch, such as the two western street sets, but I can't match up any of the Honey West or Probe pilot scenes with those photos either.

      So, as far as I've been able to determine, the Honey West village scene and the Probe pilot opening village scenes were not filmed at Columbia Ranch. It would be interesting to know where those scenes were filmed.

      There *were* Search episodes which did indeed film at Columbia Ranch, such as "The Bullet" and "Countdown to Panic." And I will be doing some studies and match ups of scenes from those episodes soon. :)


      --- In probe_control, Geoff wrote:


      > Hello everyone: If any of you people have the Honey West DVD boxset should have a look at the third disk episode `Rockabye The Hard Way' as it shows bits of the Mexican set used in the `Probe' pilot, specifically where we first see Lockwood (although the door isn't there) and the back of the building where he makes his getaway at the end. Odd bit of trivia but considering `Honey West' was recorded in 1965, I wonder how long the set was standing??


      > Geoff

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    • John
      It s funny, the first image that came to mind when you mentioned giant basement rock was a flashback episode of the Dick Van Dyke show about shopping for a
      Message 34 of 34 , Jan 28, 2014
        It's funny, the first image that came to mind when you mentioned giant basement rock was a flashback episode of the Dick Van Dyke show about shopping for a house and looking at one that had a giant rock in the basement, that simply could not be blasted away when they built the house.

        On Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 1:12 PM, LambuLambu@... <LambuLambu@...> wrote:

        Yeah... I'm familiar with Riverdale. It is a bit of distance from where I was. If you're looking at Google street maps, in my intersection, the house on the lower left corner was where I grew up. Every member of the family started out their family on the top floor of that house when they got married. I was the exception; I got the bottom floor because cousins had moved into the top floor after my mother moved us from there to Pennsylvania. My great aunt passed away a few months before my wife and I got married, and told my grandmother - who bought the house from her a year or so before - that she wanted us to have her apartment.

        That bottom floor was like living in a castle. When they built the house, they tried to blast a huge rock that was taking up most of the lot. All they succeeded in doing was hollowing out the rock, so they used that as the foundation. So that bottom floor has walls that are over a foot thick and solid rock! I remember the family talking about it. It took weeks just to drill and blast out openings for the doors and windows.

        If you use Google's street view where you're standing on the street looking at the house, it doesn't look anything like it did when I grew up in it. The entire bottom floor has been changed and the small gardens that were in the front next to the stairs and along the side of the house have been turned into concrete. I'd love to get the original floor plans of that house so I can one day build a "replica" when I finally settle down, but I have no idea where to even start looking for plans like that. It was a great two-family house that my grandmother had renovated into a three-family back in 1973, and for most of the spring leading up to the renovations, I had built a "PROBE Control" out of cardboard boxes in the large, empty front room on the second floor! My friends and fellow 'Search' fans had loads of fun playing about in there while we had it (from about April to the end of July).


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