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Re: [probe_control] Tunnel problems

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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Geoff, I m not sure what order the episodes were shown in the UK, but according to the Time Tunnel list of episodes, the final episode, Town of Terror (Ep
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      I'm not sure what order the episodes were shown in the UK, but according to the Time Tunnel list of episodes, the final episode, "Town of Terror" (Ep 30, air date April 7, 1967) has Doug and Tony arriving in Maine in 1978 (so I was off by a few years there, but I thought the dialogue had one of them mention the year as '73 - no big deal, really, just a few years). But the synopsis of that episode says:

      "The travellers arrive in a hotel cellar containing sophisticated equipment. When they get to the lobby of the hotel, the proprietor (played by Mabel Albertson) tells them that there is no cellar. When they attempt to show her, she immobilizes them. The Time Tunnel frees them from their immobilization by moving them. Doug and Tony flee and are pursued. A force field around the town prevents their escape, but two young people–Joan (Heather Young) and Pete–soon encounter them. The travellers find out that the townspeople have been immobilized and aliens are using the forms of the townspeople to appear as humans. The aliens are planning to transport all of the oxygen from Earth's atmosphere to their atmosphere-poor home planet of Andros. The aliens also start sucking oxygen out of the Time Tunnel headquarters, nearly asphyxiating the staff. Joan and Pete help the travellers procure dynamite , which are made into time bombs. Doug and Tony successfully destroy the alien control room, destroying their ability to remove Earth's oxygen, freeing the townspeople and saving Time Tunnel personnel. In the final shift of the series, Doug and Tony end up back on the Titanic, and a synopsis of that episode ("Rendezvous With Yesterday") is shown in clips."

      So Doug and Tony could have made their way back to the TT Base (if it hadn't been shut down and dismantled by then, or even met the Base's crew at the former location if it had) to rejoin their new "present" time and carried on their lives, albeit now a decade younger than their friends the last time they'd seen them.

      I know Doug and Tony were linked together through the tunnel, but as to being linked "to" the tunnel and being whisked off anytime the tunnel was active, I still have my doubts as they had to be transferred rather than having the tunnel simply throw them where (and when) ever. Remember, there was some control over the tunnel as one time Kirk went through it to meet one of his ancestors, and came back with no problems. So I think it was more of Doug and Tony having to be transferred together (not one at a time), and were only transferred to either 1) try to get them out of trouble, or 2) try to bring them home after they'd finished their recent adventure. So if they'd made their way back to Base in 1978 after defeating that alien, I believe they would have stayed there unless they went through the tunnel again.

      As for closure, granted not all series need a finale. Take 'Voyage to the bottom of the Sea', 'Man from U.N.C.L.E.', 'Mannix', and the like: no finale necessary. But for series that are left unresolved like TT or LIS, a finale to close things out is nice. (Just think of how miserable things would have been if 'The Fugitive', after running for three years learned it was being cancelled and the producers hadn't done a series finale to conclude things. Granted, it was more popular that TT hence its longer run of four years, but if it was left hanging open-ended I think the fans would have stormed the studios or buried them alive in angry protest letters.) Even the short-lived 2000 TV remake of 'Fugitive' made a 2-part finale when they learned the series was being cancelled after its first season.


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      Hello Dino

      time loops. I don�t eat cherrios.

      don�t think you saw the final episode of �The Time Tunnel�. They re-appeared on
      the Titanic. That was changed on some TV releases but not over here nor on the

      think your memory is failing you a little. When I did a re-watch for review,
      the Time Tunnel wasn�t active all the time and from the looks of things, little
      happened on the night shift and the Tunnel was actually turned off, probably to
      conserve power and repair. Doesn�t mean that the home team didn�t work extra
      when Philips and Newman were in dire need of help. The vulgarities of TV in
      focusing on the crucial than the boring bits.

      back to my point last time. Both of them were linked via the Time Tunnel in the
      first episode after Newman was split to arrive pre-Tick Tock, so they would
      always travel together. As such, even if they arrived in their present, they
      are still linked to the Tunnel and it would treat them as guests in their era.
      If they were watched through the tunnel scanner, then they would still be seen
      as visitors. To get out of the Tunnel, they have to be retrieved through it.

      Closure. A lot of series have never had closures over the years and not just
      because the TV channel cuts them short. Yes, I can understand why shows have
      endings now but for the USA, it�s entered into normal life as well where things
      never truly end. Well, except for death but you can always come back as a ghost
      or vampire.


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