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Warner Bros customer service

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  • dghprobe3@aol.com
    In looking over the Warner Bros. website , I did some searches and was able to find nothing at all
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 9, 2001
      In looking over the Warner Bros. website, I did some searches and was able to
      find nothing at all about "Search."  However, I did run across their customer
      service page
      where people can pose questions or comments.  They promise to
      answer, so I sent them an email asking about "Search."

      Below is the link to Warner Bros. customer service and under that is the
      email I sent to them.  If I hear anything, I'll pass it along.  :-)

      Don H.


      >>>>>Hi:  Don here and I remember that Warner Bros. produced a series for
      NBC-TV during 1972-73 called "Search."  It starred Hugh O'Brian, Tony
      Franciosa and Doug McClure as private investigators of the future.

      Does Warner still have the series in it's vaults and are they planning to
      release it to U.S. or foreign markets, cable or video/DVD?  The pilot movie,
      called "Probe", is currently available from Unicorn Video, so I was wondering
      about the rest of the series.

      Any help or information you can give would be much appreciated.  Thank you
      also for providing WB fans a terrific website.  :-)

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