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[probe_control] Space1999: OT: Search (aka Probe)

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    I ask a simple question on the Space:1999 mailing list, and I get a discussion going. ... My permanent address is actingman@iname.com ... eGroup home:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 1999
      I ask a simple question on the Space:1999 mailing list, and I get a
      discussion going.

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      >Subject: Space1999: OT: Search (aka Probe)
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      >>actingman-jc@... wrote:
      >>> Anybody know of a font that looks like the computer lettering on checks?
      >>> If anyone remembers the show, it is the lettering they used on the 1972
      >>> show Search.
      >>Aw, *now* you've gone and done it -- you've mentioned my *other* favorite
      >>1970s TV series, "Search." I was *addicted* to that show, and utterly
      >>crushed when it was cancelled. Everything about that show intoxicated me --
      >>the leads, the premise, the goofy technology, the music (because of the
      >>"Search" theme I developed a huge enthusiasm for lounge-style Bossa Nova!).
      >>Does anybody else on this list remember this show? The first episode
      >>following the 2-hour pilot, as I recall, dealt with a moon rock that was
      >>supposedly made out of diamond....
      >Ah, yes! How many times have I whistled that theme song. A few months ago
      >I found a copy of the paperback of the pilot episode, the one with all the
      >diamonds and the Nazis and Elke Sommers. A simple plot with a few neat
      >twists. Hugh O'Brian as the very cool Lockwood, and the great Burgess
      >Meredith played Cameron, the main man at Probe Control. Doug McClure was
      >also one of the agents, if I remember right. There was one more, but I
      >can't remember him. If I think about it a bit I can remember some of the
      >people who sat at the consoles at Probe Central. There were three "Probe"
      >agents that rotated episodes; that was something I don't think had been
      >done before. I loved the gadgets, the little implanted receiver and the
      >transmitter that was the size of a large button but had more sensors than
      >LaForge's VISOR. And the scaled down Mission Control that had all those
      >displays and stuff -- they could tell you were lying by reading your heart
      >rate, etc.
      >Okay, any other Search fans lurking around?
      >And while I'm at it and off topic, if there are any Doc Savage fans out
      >there, please accept this cheap plug for my fan fiction BRONZE REFINED AS
      >SILVER at:
      >That's about it. I'll retreat now and keep reading. Later, gang...
      >Mark Eidemiller ** skylab@... ** www.e-z.net/~skylab
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