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Questions for Ginny

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  • actingman@iname.com
    Don has already covered some I jotted down...but I ll type up off the notes I ve written: How long were the setups between shots? (I wonder since they were
    Message 1 of 1 , May 23, 2001
      Don has already covered some I jotted down...but I'll type up off the notes
      I've written:

      How long were the setups between shots? (I wonder since they were seated
      if once they got going they filmed quickly.)

      How many days did they spend filming in Probe per episode on average? Did
      they film the same days each week? Always at the beginning of the episode
      schedule? At the end?

      What technical problems were there if any? Did it look like it took extra
      time to light the set? Any thoughts on the differences between the pilot
      set with the people in all directions in the background and the first 15
      set with just blackness in the background and an occasional blinking light?

      How much room did the control set actually take up? Did it get struck each
      week so they could use the studio to film other scenes for the episode that
      week? Did they leave it standing and there was construction going on in
      between takes for sets needed in other parts of the episode?

      What was the atmosphere like on the set? In the production company? What
      did they hear from above? Did things seem organized? Was there grumbling
      about the stories? Rumors about changing the format or direction of the show?

      She was in some, not in some (she wasn't in Gold Machine though her
      character is written in the script) and then she disappeared towards the
      middle of the first 15. What happened?

      Did Leslie Stevens leave the show while she was there? What does she know
      about that?

      She wasn't in Gold Machine, and when she came back, Angel Tompkins was
      gone. What was said about that? What does she know about that?

      Was does she know about Deanna Lund? She was there, and then she was gone.

      Does she have any opinions on the number of Probe Control people who came
      and went (that's before the format change).

      Did she keep in touch with the folks on the show and does she have any
      knowledge about the format and set change?

      Any memories/knowledge about the various directors, producers, script writers?

      Any frustrations/stories about lines and bits she had that got left on the
      cutting room floor? (In One Of Our Probes Is Missing, Bianco sees her and
      starts talking her up, but it was cut from the final episode. In the pilot
      script all of the controlers introduced themselves and explained their job
      to Dr. Laurent.)

      Did they normally use two cameras in shooting the control scenes? Why did
      they do that? For reasons of time? Or reasons of getting a better
      overlapping flow of dialogue and the operators working?

      The same bio questions that Don mentioned: How she got started, how she
      got in the pilot, why she left the show (if it was her idea) what has she
      been doing since.

      If I think of more...I'll post them.
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