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Re: [probe_control] What's in a NAME?

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  • Marta Dawes
    TV Land sometimes runs the series that don t have enough episodes for a daily run, on Saturdays and Sundays at special times. It s possible Game may show up
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2001
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      TV Land sometimes runs the series that don't have enough episodes for a
      daily run, on Saturdays and Sundays at special times. It's possible
      "Game" may show up on a weekend.


      Jim Alexander wrote:
      > thescope@... wrote:
      > > >... Name of the Game used to be on the Encore Mystery channel back
      > > around 1998. I haven't seen them lately.
      > ----------------------------------
      > Ahhhhhhh! So ENCORE ran them!
      > ----------------------------------
      > >... Actually, around the same period, the rights to the show was
      > acquired by TVLAND from Studios USA. I was really looking forward to
      > seeing them but as far as I know, TVLAND never aired the show.
      > ----------------------------------
      > I've only recently acquired TV LAND. Wouldn't know the answer to
      > that.
      > ----------------------------------
      > >... The cable channel acquired a whole bunch of shows in that
      > acquisition, including Dragnet, Kojak, Adam12, Baretta, Ironside, Get
      > Christie Love, It Takes a THief, Emergency, Alfred Hitchcock Presents,
      > CHase, CHeckmate, Get Christie Love, Ellery Queen, Delvecchio, City of
      > Angels, Mickey Spillane, Owen Marshall, M Squad, Court Martial ...
      > Some of them managed to see the light of day (notice Emergency is
      > being shown daily). Many have not ;(
      > ---------------------------------
      > In addition to the ones mentioned, I saw a snippet of Ron Ely's TARZAN
      > in a V LAND promo a few months back, and looked for it-- but have
      > never seen any of the episodes on the schedule. Anyone notice TARZAN
      > on TV LAND?
      > Thanks, 'scope'! ;)
      > Jim
      > probecontrol@...
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