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RE: [probe_control] OT: The Green Hornet movie

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  • Geoff Willmetts
    Hello everyone How you doing, Dino?? I saw ‘Enter The Dragon’ double-billed with ‘Dirty Harry’ in the cinema back in the 70s. Ah memories. Re: Green
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      Hello everyone

      How you doing, Dino??

      I saw �Enter The Dragon� double-billed with �Dirty Harry� in the cinema back in the 70s. Ah memories.

      Re: Green Hornet. I�d still got a boxed Corgi Black Beauty. We never had the series over here in the 60s and I only bought the model car cos of Batman and well, cos it was different. What gets me about the way the car�s hiding place is that it�s going to be a bit messy inside if they forget to put things away. The same applied to Britt Reid�s own car.

      By the by, I came across a boxset of a series called �Checkmate� that starred Doug McClure in the early 60s. Does anyone know if it was worth watching or not??


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      Subject: Re: [probe_control] OT: The Green Hornet movie

      This true, but the Black Beauty did have rocket launchers: two banks of
      eight up front, and four banks of five in the rear. Given the choice, I'd take
      the launchers.

      And if you remember, the '60s "Batman" series, the Batmobile only had
      rockets (launched from the tubes sticking up from the trunk area), but in the
      '89 "Batman" movie they gave the Batmobile hidden machine guns. They came in
      handy for shooting its way into the Joker's warehouse. Even the most recent
      incarnation of the Batmobile has some killer rockets in it.

      I think they call it "artistic license." We just have to wait and see how
      those Hornet guns will be used.


      In a message dated 9/3/2010 1:35:58 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      probecontrol@... writes:

      >... ALSO: the Black Beauty *never* had hood-mounted machine guns. The
      Green Hornet never used guns, save his gas gun and "sting".... oh, and Kato's
      Hornet Darts.

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    • Marta Dawes
      I ve never read Moby Dick all the way through, but have done all these years with Richard Armour s version of the novel in his The Classics Reclassified.
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        I've never read "Moby Dick" all the way through, but have done all these years with Richard Armour's version of the novel in his "The Classics Reclassified." It only runs seven or eight pages, with illustrations, and is an extremely funny take on it; I'd recommend anything by Richard Armour to everyone. Anything about whaling is at the bottom of my interests, though I know that as a great American novel there are other reasons to read "Moby." I did read "Silas Marner" without having to, does that count? :-) It was a good book, though I haven't read it since.


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        Subject: RE: [probe_control] OT: Unabridged Moby Dick

        I had to read Moby in 11th grade, like a lot of us in that day. (mid-70s). We got the abridged version, and I hated it. I would have probably hated it anyway, because I wanted to be in the other class that got to read the cool stuff like '1984'.
        Flash forward some 24 years--I'm hanging out at the 'dead dog' party at what is so far my last sci-fi convention of any kind--Visions '89, chatting with one of my favorite character actors of all time--Gary Lockwood. He says that 'Moby' is the kind of book everyone should re-read every ten years or so.
        I happened to have acquired the un-abridged movie-edition paperback by then, so when I got home, I promptly took up his challenge. Made for a heck of a better read all around. I could appreciate the book a lot more, and knowing I was getting the 'Full Moby' this time made all the difference.
        I'm well overdue for another read, according to Prof. Lockwood, but I am thinking about it.


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        Date: Sunday, September 19, 2010, 1:03 AM

        OK... Geoff, now I'm really slipping. This one got by me as well!

        Yeah; the whale itself was cool. I think we read "Moby" back in high school, but I can't remember which version it was. I'll have to look into the unabridged version. (This is when it's nice having a wife who works at a library.) As for whales having more of a chance back then... today, I admire those "Whale Wars" guys. If I had charge of one of those ships, I'd say give me a harpoon (missile) any day and let me take care of those whalers!

        Seaview vents: Camera crew? I think they just pointed a camera in the open end and had the actors crawl around inside, changing the background vent tubes around rather than having to squeeze that extra equipment inside a vent. Cameras were a lot bigger back then, and just changing a tube's intersection and lighting for shadows would have made more sense. Besides, when you think about it, the camera angles never moved; the actors moved around.

        Manatees: Yes, they are shallow water creatures. So, if a ship was that close in (they'd be aground, but let's give them the benefit of the doubt) and the crew saw a manatee and thought it was half woman, I'd say they were either away from any port for far toooo long, or they were drinking more than rot-gut "anything". (They must have gotten into the bilge water.)

        Alien: Not having any on Earth? (Hello! Here I am. Also, have you ever seen a cat? They're definitely aliens!) Still, that movie scare the hell out of me back then. Weaver was (is) one heck of an actress. To pull off something as horror oriented as the "Alien" series, as funny as "Ghostbusters", and as absurdly ridiculous as "Galaxy Quest" take a special talent. (You have to admit, though, even if you don't like Bill Murray, it was hilarious having him deliver that line with a deadpan face: Ray to the mayor; "Everything was fine until dickless here <pointing to the inspector guy> turned off the power to the containment unit." The Mayor to Venkman(Murray): "Is this true?" Venkman: "Yes: it's true; that man <nodding towards the inspector> has no dick.") I think "Quest" was more of a fun poke at Trekkies than anything else (which being half Trekkie, I loved.)

        Another strong actress who I've admired for years is Angela Lansbury. She proved (at least to these narrow-minded casting directors) that you don't have to be a woman in your early 20s with (as my late father used to say) "Torpedo tits" to make it as a main lead in a series. I've seen her in as a young woman in several films made in the '50s and '60s (not forgetting "Bedknobs and Broomsticks") and she was beautiful. She was still a handsome woman in "Murder, She Wrote." (I hope I age as well!)


        On Sep 17, 2010, at 8:30:58 AM, gfwillmetts@... wrote:

        Hello Dino

        Re: Whale. Oh, I got that. Just that I had more admiration for the exterior.

        Re: Seaview vents. They also had to squeeze a camera crew in there as well. :-)

        Re: drinking. What youre describing is seeing women through beer glasses. Are you sure your wife isnt a mermaid. Did you ever see the film Miranda??

        Did you ever read the unabridged version of Melvilles Moby Dick?? I learnt a lot about traditional whaling from that book when young. Very descriptive. At least in those days the whales had a chance.

        Manatees wouldnt go out to sea so they must have been pretty close to shore somewhere.

        Re: Alien. Er...unless youve been to Dreamland/Area 51, we dont actually have any aliens on Earth these days. The first film tends to support the idea that even though the alien wasnt a queen that it was capable of laying a few eggs so it could breed a new colony and a new queen or it would never have survived as a species.

        I was doing a little winding-up. I like Siggy Weaver. Without her, strong female leads wouldnt have been elevated as much as they were.

        Not keen on Ghostbusters but not a fan of Murray. I found Galaxy Quest dull.

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