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Re: How We Might Find More Search Episodes

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  • dghprobe3@aol.com
    ... Hi Mark Wilson: Don again and the above is a GREAT question. The Nov. 25, 1972 TV Guide article (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/probe_control/message/245)
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 21, 2001
      --- In probe_control@y..., "Mark Wilson" <wilsomark@w...> wrote:
      > Who actually still owns the rights to Probe and Search, NBC?
      > --Mark

      Hi Mark Wilson: Don again and the above is a GREAT question.

      The Nov. 25, 1972 TV Guide article
      (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/probe_control/message/245) says that
      Hugh O'Brian was "part-owner of the show (with Warner Bros. and
      producer Leslie Stevens)."

      One wrinkle with all of this is that the pro tape of the "PROBE"
      pilot movie was released by an outfit called "Unicorn Video."
      However, we have had trouble finding an address for that company. I
      notice, though, that the fonts and general layout of the Unicorn
      Video packaging strongly resembles the font and layout of the regular
      Warner Home Video packaging.

      What's also interesting is that "PROBE" is indeed syndicated in the
      U.S. as part of a package of other Warner Bros. movies, only it's
      renamed "SEARCH." It would seem that if the pilot is syndicated,
      then why not the series? There doesn't seem to be a rights problem
      with the pilot.

      Leslie Stevens passed on during 1998, so I guess his rights to the
      series are with his estate. That leaves Hugh O'Brian and Warner
      Bros. Would it take a Hollywood lawyer to research the rights

      For years we were told that a "Lost in Space" movie would be
      impossible because there were "too many co-owners" of that series.
      Yet, out of the blue, a major movie was finally released. And for a
      series with "too many co-owners", it sure got syndicated worldwide
      easily enough.

      The last we heard from Warner Bros. was that SEARCH was "for export
      only," that is, to be aired overseas. It is frustrating for us to
      see other one season series like "Kolchak," "Time Tunnel," "The
      Prisoner," "Battlestar Galactica" and others run on cable and gain
      large cult followings. SEARCH should always have been right there
      with these other shows.
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