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[probe_control] Discuss!

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  • Jim Alexander
    ... You re quite right, John. They pretty much started that practice a year or two ago. Litigious, ain t they? ... You are correct, sir! Thanks for the
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 30, 1999
      >... The Trek clips would have to be posted on a hidden site, >since Paramount has been going around sueing everybody on >the net. We'll see.
      You're quite right, John. They pretty much started that practice a year or two ago. Litigious, ain't they?
      >... After seeing Murrow I'll have to add to my treatise becasue >there are even more differences. You can go to egroups.com >and go to the probe_contorl list and read the past messages, >which includes the set treatise.
      You are correct, sir! Thanks for the reminder!
      >The entire crew kept changing (or at least the women were) >during the first 15 episodes. Cameron was the only holdover to >the new set.
      Hmmmmmm. I wonder if there's any connection between having a 'new set' and having a 'new crew'?
      >... PROBE Programed Retrieval Operations...the last two letters >being top secret. That's from the pilot. The novel doesn't even >have the scene where that's stated, so it doesn't cover it.
      Hmmmmmm. The MOONROCK novelization doesn't cover it, either? Seems like in a lot of the TV novelizations of the time (U.N.C.L.E. included) certain 'explanations' were often included for readers of the books, that were never (or almost never) mentioned in the actual TV shows.
      >... By the way, there's no such thing as S.E.A.R.C.H.
      I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. When I typed that, I was referring to my mentioning to Leslie Stevens my amateurish comic book, NOT the TV show.
      >... TV Guide used to say things like "SEARCH headquarters" or
      >"SEARCH is hired to..." but that was always wrong. Search was >the final name of the show, but it had no other significance >except part of the Probe division's job description was "the >search and recovery of that which was missing." And that was >when it was called "Probe".
      Yes sir. Understood. I agree

      But do I recall the phrase 'Search Division' being used once or twice, in kind of a throwaway capacity?
      >... By the way, as I type this, it occures to me that these >discussions can, and maybe should, take place on the mailing >list, to share with all, and to encourage the others to join in.

      DISCUSS!! :)

      Jim Alexander


      > >... I am now scanning my Classic Trek slides, and I have some
      > >third season title slides that when I got them were deep blue. The >lettering
      > now looks white.
      > -------------------------------------
      > Ahhhhhhhhh! A 'classic Trek' fan!!! Something ELSE we have in common! Let me
      > know if/where I can see those scans!!! I'd love to see'em!!!
      > --------------------------------------

      > Ah! Understood!
      > I do NOT have any Film Clip Frames of that set.
      > And what IS the main difference(s) between the 'pilot' set, and the set in the
      > first few episodes...??? I remember you differentiating between the two of
      > those.
      > -----------------------------------

      > Did the entire 'crew' change with the move to the new set? Did any 'old' cast
      > members survive the transition? Griffin? Miss Keach? Kuroda?
      > If memory serves, we had an all-new 'team' on the all-new 'set' (besides
      > Cameron, of course).
      > Oh, and lastly... what DOES 'Probe' stand for? I remember Lockwood telling
      > Ullie the meaning for the first three letters, but he never gets to the last
      > three...
      > Does the novelization shed any light on that???
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