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More 1972 Probe-Search articles posted

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  • dghprobe3
    http://tv.groups.yahoo.com/group/probe_control/files/ In the Hugh O Brian folder: 720513_ProbeSeries_.jpg 5-13-72 Atlanta Journal item on O Brian being
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2006

      In the "Hugh O'Brian" folder:

      5-13-72 Atlanta Journal item on O'Brian being joined by Franciosa and
      McClure in the new 'Probe' series, 'to be telecast next fall.' The
      infamous 'press conference' probably occurred close to this time.

      6-10-72 Atl. Journal item listing guest stars for the first episode
      of 'Probe,' 'The Murrow Disappearance.'

      7-22-72 Atl. Jour. item on name change to 'Search,' due to a
      syndicated show having the 'Probe' title.

      7-29-72 Atl. Jour. publicity pic for rerun of 'Probe' pilot, now
      renamed 'Search.' Pic on microfilm was very dark. (Appears to be
      from the scene near the end of the movie, as Lockwood confronted
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