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  • jack_bagley
    As I mentioned in a post to Jim, I won the last offered Search novels on eBay. Here is my short review of each (if you don t want to know, stop reading
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2005
      As I mentioned in a post to Jim, I won the last offered "Search"
      novels on eBay. Here is my short review of each (if you don't want
      to know, stop reading now!):

      "SEARCH" -- a faithful novelization of the pilot! Mr. Weverka adds
      in some background detail to flesh out the story to a novel-length,
      but does not stray far from Leslie Stevens' original script. In
      fact, comparing the script and the novel, I found very few
      divergences. A well-written book that captures the story of the
      pilot episode and makes me want to watch the movie all over again.
      Five stars.

      "MOONROCK" -- I hope that, if you read this, you don't expect the
      same story you saw. I have a copy of the Moonrock script, and the
      novelization is nothing like it. Oh, the basic details are there --
      the missing D-107, Dr. Trapnell, Abbas Mirzah, etc. But the way the
      story is told makes me wonder what version Mr. Weverka was working
      from, or if he even read the script at all. I was absolutely not
      prepared for Abbas Mirzah actually being one of the good guys! And
      the addition of various characters who don't appear in the script,
      the change of the action from the caves at the Ur excavations to a
      fictional Chaldea where Mirzah's father, the president, is on the
      verge of being overthrown, an evil deaf-mute the size of Andre the
      Giant ... what story this was I do not know, but it
      wasn't "Moonrock." The last lines of the episode, where Cameron
      hollers at Lockwood about living off food stamps after they deduct
      the cost of the chartered 747, aren't here either, since there IS no
      chartered 747. E-mail me if you want the details.

      All in all, I batted one-for-two with the books. Buy them if they
      become available -- you need them for your own collections -- but
      don't expect two faithful retellings. You'll just get one.

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