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    ... me Franklin or Frank. ================== Good enough, Franklin. ;) ... mails. Have you tried posting a message to them enquiring about Search?
    Message 1 of 1 , May 24, 2005
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      >... Jim, please you and everyone else in the group can call
      me Franklin or Frank.
      Good enough, Franklin. ;)
      >... You referred to AMERICAN LIFE TV in your previous e-
      mails. Have you tried posting a message to them enquiring
      about Search? Unfortunately I can't get AMERICAN LIFE TV
      from my satellite provider.
      I have, Franklin. And here's a link where others can contact
      them via e-mail:


      Here's the Snail Mail Address of their corporate offices:

      American Life TV Network
      650 Massachusetts Ave., NW
      Washington, D.C. 20001

      Vice President, Programming
      Mark Ringwald (202) 289-6633

      Potential points to include in e-mails/letters to AMERCIAN

      I might suggest that interested parties relate how SEARCH
      would be perfect for AMERICAN LIFE programming as it follows
      along the lines of their other Baby Boomer series.

      SEARCH is interestingly-positioned as it stars HUGH O'BRIAN
      (a star who would appeal to AMERICAN LIFE'S Western audience
      by virtue of his long run as WYATT EARP) and would dovetail
      well into the channel's Secret Agent adventure and Private
      Eye dramas.

      Letters to AMERICAN LIFE could concentrate on SEARCH's
      impressive list of SEARCH Guest Stars, high-quality
      production values, and the overall fun and likability of the
      series--not to mention the fact that SEARCH hasn't been seen
      elsewhere, which would make it fresh and new to syndication.

      SEARCH might even prove to be a good 'weekend' programmer for
      AMERCIAN LIFE; the episodes could be run all year long with
      only a single repeat.

      Any thoughts?

      Jim Alexander
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