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[probe_control] Episode guide

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    Connie asked where I got the scripts. Gene Roddenberry s company Lincoln Enterprises (which is still in business at ) added Search and
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 6, 1999
      Connie asked where I got the scripts. Gene Roddenberry's company Lincoln
      Enterprises (which is still in business at <www.roddenberry.com>) added
      Search and Kung Fu to it's catalog of scripts, film clips and other
      things. I lost track of the company around 1975...by that time the only
      mention of Search was clearance prices...since the show was running nowhere
      in the USA. I made sure I got them all...I knew they would fade into time.

      Anyway, below are the titles, the writers, and the descriptions from the
      Lincoln Enterprises catalog of back then. The (2) next to some of the
      titles means it was a second Probe Control set episode. And of course
      (scanned) means I've scanned that script and sent it out. If you folks are
      missing episodes, let me know. Some of the descriptions are
      interesting. For instance "Short Circuit" says "a-bomb", when it was no
      such thing...it was a device that caused any electronic device within range
      to self-destruct. Also, I don't know if the final title of the Lockwood
      episode below was "The Consortium" or "The Adonis File." The script says
      Adonis was the final title, but we won't know until we see the
      episode. Bryan found a TV Guide teletype item that makes reference to this
      episode calling it Consortium...but then again the show was referred to as
      Probe for many months before they started refering to it as Search.

      PROBE/Leslie Stevens/Two Hour Pilot (scanned)
      Lockwood assigned the recovery of 9 European diamonds, stolen in WWII by SS
      officer, today alias Harold Streeter, who may not be simply an interested
      appraiser, alone.

      LIVE MEN TELL TALES/Irv Pearlberg (scanned)
      Bianco despatched to ferret out international crime conspiracy - and stop
      organized take over throughout the world.

      TWENTYFOUR CARAT HIT/Jack Turley (2) (scanned)
      Bianco works to locate fellow agent, wounded Ed Bain, engaged in solitary
      drive to crush a contraband bullion ring which killed his wife and kidnaped
      his daughter.

      NUMBERED FOR DEATH/Lou Shaw & S.S. Schweitzer (2)
      Grover thinks racing driver's accident a suicide attempt; he learns the
      man's Swiss banking records were used against him as part of organized
      blackmail syndicate.

      HONEYMOON TO KILL/S.S. Schweitzer (scanned)
      Grover races against time to find missing heiress-daughter just three days
      before a trust in her name will revert to ailing, Milanese magnate father.

      SUFFER MY CHILD/Norman Hudis
      Lockwood investigates puzzling disappearance of young girl from her
      father's estate, to learn she has masterminded her kidnaping; or has she?

      LET US PREY/Don Balluck (scanned)
      Bianco looks for missing socialite-widow-heiress with vested interest:
      she's an old flame; prime suspect, her photo-hound, is dead, with lots of
      incriminating shots; is she to blame?

      FLIGHT TO NOWHERE/Brad Radnitz (scanned)
      Lockwood on a personal case - an old friend, missing with his cargo service
      plane, wanted for something more than sentimental value by the widow of its
      former owner.

      IN SEARCH OF MIDAS/J. Christopher Strong, III & Michael R. Stein
      Grover on Las Vegas hunt for "missing" billionaire J.R. Devlin, and learns
      there may be more than one.

      Bianco off to London to locate missing PROBE agent and track source of
      perfect $100 counterfeit bills to avert world monetary crisis.

      THE CONSORTIUM/Jack Turley
      A "secretary" to a political personality disappears; Lockwood zeroes in on
      the $3 million ransom and finds blackmail, courtesy of 3 wealthy
      "contributors" to the campaign.

      THE GOLD MACHINE/Leslie Stevens (scanned)
      Lockwood searches San Francisco for a long, lost goldmine - the piece to a
      mysterious Oriental puzzle.

      OPERATION ICEMAN/S.S. Schweitzer (scanned)
      An international "hit-man," known as "Iceman," is contracted to kill a U.S.
      ambassador to wreck a key world commerce meeting, and Bianco is assigned to
      stop him.

      THE BULLET/Judy Burns
      Lockwood enters Iron Curtain for Scientist's isotope bullet, ironically
      becomes 1st candidate for the missing serum antidote.

      Lockwood tries to locate key Gov't. figure missing under mysterious
      circumstances from a Diplomatic Country Club.

      SHORT CIRCUIT/Leslie Stevens
      Grover makes a deadly countdown search for a brilliant, paranoid scientist
      and stops him activating his electronic a-bomb against Probe.

      MOONROCK/Leslie Stevens (scanned)
      Lockwood on a global hunt for a moonrock pressurized carbon - a softball
      sized "diamond" - priceless, if not flawed.

      THE CARRIER/Judy Burns (2)
      Lockwood attempts to unravel mystery around Aquanaut at secret sea lab, and
      how and why his depth Disease was "contracted."

      THE MATTSON PAPERS/S.S. Schweitzer (2) (scanned)
      Bianco trails a missing sports figure suspected of involvement with an
      international crime syndicate.

      THE CLAYTON LEWIS DOCUMENT/Norman Hudis (2) (scanned)
      Bianco traces a sinister plot masquerading behind beautiful women and the
      glamour of our national capitol that threatens the security of the entire

      GODDESS OF DESTRUCTION/Irv Pearlberg (2)
      Grover is caught up in the intrigue of Hindu ritual while investigating the
      theft of a valued statue and the mysterious death of its owner.

      MOMENT OF MADNESS/Richard Landau (2) (scanned)
      Cameron is abducted by a revenge-maddened former army officer who served
      under Cameron during wartime. (Grover)

      ENDS OF THE EARTH/Robert C. Dennis (2)
      Tale involving a criminal conspiracy that offers unique sanctuary to
      wealthy clients from the law. (Bianco)

      THE PACKAGERS/Robert C. Dennis
      Grover is caught up in a life and death struggle when assigned to find a
      missing revolutionary leader who has been accused of plotting the overthrow
      of a Middle East country.

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      Probe-ites, I ve copied & linked John s Episode Guide to my message board at: http://www.insidetheweb.com/messageboard/mbs.cgi/mb315284 for handy viewing. It s
      Message 2 of 4 , Sep 8, 1999
        I've copied & linked John's Episode Guide to my message board at:


        for handy viewing. It's great to be able to refer to it when needed --
        Thanks John!

        You can go directly to it at:



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