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  • Michael Beacom
    The antenna on the probe could be quite small, and the rest be implanted in the P.R.O.B.E agent. This would also give greater credibility to the acronym
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      The antenna on the probe could be quite small, and the rest be implanted in the P.R.O.B.E agent.

      This would also give greater credibility to the acronym meaning Programmed Retrieval Operations Biomedically (or Bionically) Enhanced, as I have heard some say.

      Basically, the agent could have an antenna grafted to his ribcage, for example, or more. With compound antenna technology, there would be more than enough room for a hefty antenna array.

      Ditto the microwave receiver for the power supply.

      In the Pilot, they can tell Lockwood's vital signs apart from anyone else's when he leaves the scanner in the napkin. How come his signal is so readily different from any other waiter? I mean, they could check EEG and heart rhythm, but that would be a lengthier process. Lockwood is obviously transmitting to probe control on his own via the nonverbal link even when the probe itself is away and he is outside of their biotelemetry. How? If he had an internal antenna it would explain how they can so easily tell when he is nearer the probe.

      Michael Beacom

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      Hello ALL,

      I have been involved in undercover surveillance for many years, I
      have also been a licensed HAM Operator since 1999 - I have several
      little cameras and Transmitters; Color and B/W. Xmitters on
      different freqs.

      One camera is housed in a Pager, I have another one that will go
      just about anywhere (Button Hole, Hat, Etc.) They can be Hard Wired
      or hooked up through a Xmitter - I have 3 different Xmitters.

      Again, the problem I see is the size, size of the Xmitters and Power
      Supply. We cannot forget about the antenna either. Jim has a great
      idea: the chain could be the antenna. The cameras themselves are
      very small, there are even smaller ones available to the public, one
      the size of a pea.

      The Pager Cam I have will run a 9v radio battery for several hours.
      Any of the Xmitters I have would not do so well, they have a much
      higher power consumption. They do make very small Xmitters but the
      range is very short.

      I see several years passing before a Functional S.E.A.R.C.H. Scanner
      could realistically be made and actually function.


      Have A Great Day ALL,

      --- In probe_control@yahoogroups.com, <probecontrol@s...> wrote:
      > Mike wrote:
      > >... The only thing I see as a real problem making a
      > functional Scanner is the size of the Xmitter Board and also
      > the Power Supply, most xmitters also need some type of
      > antenna.
      > ====================
      > Well, if it's worn around the neck, couldn't the antenna
      > be 'hidden' in the chain?
      > Just a thought. :)
      > Jim Alexander

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