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  • dghprobe3
    ... Well, it is Actingman s and Bryan s group, but we have gone rather off topic on occasion, and Man From UNCLE has been discussed many a time on this list,
    Message 1 of 210 , Jun 10, 2004
      --- In probe_control, "franklinberke" wrote:
      > I would think it is unlikely that we would want to keep a file
      > associated with "Man From Uncle" within the confines of our group
      > dedicated to "Search" when there are far more likely and logical
      > Yahoo groups that should have this file.

      Well, it is Actingman's and Bryan's group, but we have gone rather
      off topic on occasion, and Man From UNCLE has been discussed many a
      time on this list, as well as The Prisoner, Alias, James Bond, and
      many other related shows/movies.

      I recall we gave Mike Walston coverage of his Search scanner
      replicas, as well as his UFO-SHADO pins. We also have postings on
      The Outer Limits, which has nothing to do with Search except as it
      relates to the prior work of Leslie Stevens and Bob Justman.

      Actually I'm rather amazed that the prophet posted another ad to the
      list after receiving a rather heavy vote of no confidence recently.

      Does the prophet have an eBay ID that we can check for positives and
      negatives? Also, we'd like to know all the names the prophet has
      used on eBay in the last five years or so, not just the ID that is
      being used currently.
    • LambuLambu@aol.com
      It s interesting. They d removed the keyboards from the consoles. (Those scenes happened so fast in Swarm that I hadn t noticed it before.) They ve also
      Message 210 of 210 , Oct 7, 2016
        It's interesting. They'd removed the keyboards from the consoles. (Those scenes happened so fast in "Swarm" that I hadn't noticed it before.) They've also removed the silver "discs" that were on the sides of the consoles, presumable where one of the side consoles like those on Cameron's, Gloria's and Keach's would be mounted. (Though in 'Search' and even "Probe", those 'mounting discs' were on all of the consoles.)

        In the 'back to back' image you can see those discs aren't there, and in the 'side by side' image, the consoles wouldn't have been able to butt up against each other if those discs were in place.

        And of course, since this was an Irwin Allen production, everything is surrounded by recycled 'Time Tunnel' et al Sage panels and other such props, and that "black abyss" behind it all leaving the viewer to wonder just how large that complex really is. (Like some of his alien sets in 'Lost In Space': remove the boundaries, expand the imagination - though by that time I think it was a matter of budget cuts; set walls would cost money, and the greebles needed to decorate those walls even more. So, without walls in the spaceships, there are no walls in the imagination as to how large the ship is, and the cost of it all is less. Allen really was a genius.)

        But since pieces of the Probe Control consoles are found scattered in parts of the 'Quark' set, and sets of other productions later in the 1970s, I wonder if any of the consoles have survived up to today relatively intact. (The same goes for the big view screen.)

        Thanks for sharing those grabs with us, John!


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