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Tony Franciosa on TCM

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  • dghprobe3
    An alert member of The Name of the Game list posted the following: On Turner Classic Movies (TCM) this weekend, there s a little segment where Tony F.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2004
      An alert member of "The Name of the Game" list posted the following:

      "On Turner Classic Movies (TCM) this weekend, there's a little
      segment where Tony F. describes working with director Elia Kazan on
      the movie A Face in the Crowd. I'd say the segment runs about 5
      minute [actually 2 minutes], entitled Word of Mouth. It will probably
      repeat until Tuesday, when the movie airs.

      Not directly TNOTG related, but for TF fans, it's work a look see :-)"


      I posted an mp3 of the TF interview audio in the group's Files
      section. You may or may not need to join the group to download the
      link, as the messages and files should be public. If anyone has
      trouble downloading or playing the file, let us know. Thanks.

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