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Re: [probe_control] Re: Scanner colour & a little plugging

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  • Geoff Willmetts
    Hello Martin Personally, I would go for a gold tint rather than a silver looking scanner as I doubt if you d want to draw too much attention to it if the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2003
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      Hello Martin
      Personally, I would go for a gold tint rather than a silver looking scanner
      as I doubt if you'd want to draw too much attention to it if the scanner
      were for real.

      Considering that the basic interior shape stayed pretty much the same one
      could blame film stock than it being made from different metals.

      The rings, etc work better in silver tint than gold simply because of the
      magnetic base to hold the scanner in place. Cinematically, for those with
      poor eyesight, it no doubt helped because it indicated the scanner was no
      longer stuck to one place. Look at how many times we follow the actors move
      the scanner from place to place. The only big question is why lady Probes
      only carried the scanner on one place & didn't have quite the same

      Oh, before I forget. You all see the blurb where I work on the Net. Last
      month, what I thought was an inoffensive remark about the number of
      'Battlestar: Galactica' fans around ended up being a small piece defending
      my remarks plus public information where to find their sites. Since my
      criticisms were about Galactica & not the production side, I dropped a line
      in about like a certain co-producer's other work & included the 'Search'
      website amongst the other sites.
      I doubt if it'll draw in BG fans as the lot I was replying to are rather
      insular but we have so many new readers going through whatever is on the
      site that it might draw them in to have a look.
      Not being offensive, Brian & John, but where are you going to expand the
      size of the window when moving onto other pages on the Search website??

      Gotta go

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