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conspiracy, survelliance & lawsuits

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  • Geoff Willmetts
    Hello everyone Hello Michael B Re: Conspiracy Theory. You mean there s organisation in this chaotic world?? :-) Even if there are various people pulling the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2003
      Hello everyone
      Hello Michael B
      Re: Conspiracy Theory. You mean there's organisation in this chaotic
      world?? :-) Even if there are various people pulling the strings in the
      world, it doesn't mean that it's all going to plan for them.

      As to your question. Having re-viewed the episodes to see if my memory
      holds true of them, the answers are relatively simple. The TV scanner is a
      covert device. You're not supposed to spot them wearing the gadget. In those
      days, it wasn't really considered illegal to do that. It isn't as though the
      TV scanner was left behind as a bugging device...well, only a couple times.
      It was more a means for Control to see what was going on, inform & advise. I
      doubt if any recordings would ever be passed on to their clients no matter
      how powerful. Mind you, we never saw any court cases to disprove that. There
      was an indication that they were done though.
      Episodes like 'The Adonis File' showed that Cameron wasn't happy about
      Lockwood breaking & entering a flat. I expect the same was true about
      Bianco's antics as well. Considering that Cameron was a trained interrogator
      & everything he said was being recorded, whatever he said could be
      interpreted as him covering his own back. [Hmmm...that comment is going to
      have everyone looking at what he says again, isn�t it??]

      As to the pilot episode. Lockwood was instructed to go after all the
      diamonds rather than chase only one. To stop & explain things to another
      police force would have delayed him taking the flight. Cameron said the
      local police would be notified but without Lockwood's involvement.
      Probes aren't above the law. Lockwood thumping someone in public would
      have gotten himself arrested even for a short time.

      As to NSA surveillance. That being the case, 'Mission: Impossible' wouldn't
      have lasted a season neither. Then again, that was a double denial
      situation. 'If we were really doing such black bag operations, would be let
      a TV show go on about them??'
      Apart from the battery source, it is no longer impossible for Probe agents
      to exist. Inspect all people for carrying oddly decorated lenses, especially
      people who claim to have been in Wyatt Earp! :-)

      Hello Don H
      Re: Rayelan Allan. Half the time with American names, it's hard to tell
      which sex they belong to. On the Net, there's always a tendency for some to
      hide behind alter-egos as well.
      To quote a lawsuit verbatim without checking into anything behind it � not
      just the court case - doesn't really show much in the way of investigative
      journalism. More a case of gossiping.

      Hello Don-2
      Looks like we're in agreement. Whenever anyone gives precise figures like
      computers 15 years ahead of time, it's always questionable. Back in the 70s,
      could any of you imagine you'd be reading & communicating like this?? All
      right, some of you put your hands down. Would you have believed you would be
      doing it on your home computer?? How can anyone figure where we�d be in 15
      years from now?? A breakthrough in protein technology would shatter any

      Reading computer monitors isn't new. It's done in exactly the same way as
      those people using that telecommunication fiddle to borrow Net time if
      they're within the vicinity of a company network.
      As to keeping such surveillance from not picking up your monitor screens,
      you'd need something like TV companies use to keep down interference. In the
      UK, there's a metal grid cage around the set.

      Hello Don H
      I don't think any of use are denying there might be a lawsuit. It's the
      contents that have to regarded as questionable.
      Going through the document, I can understand why the NSA were so
      dismissive. Saying what they have & proving it are two different things. I'm
      surprised there was no mention of the CIA & Project Stargate - nothing to do
      with going through hoops to distance planets but the name of their
      remote-reviewing project long before the film/TV series started. Although
      only about alledgedly 40-50% reliable on a good day, it doesn�t need much in
      the way of technology.
      Neural surgery can barely re-join damaged nerves at present let alone hook
      something mechanical into it. If the latter were possible, people like
      Christopher Reeves with damaged spinal cords would be after it in a shot.
      There would also be a lot of cyborgs running �slowly� around.

      Hello Franklin
      Thanks for the info. From the looks of things we should be seeing that
      episode in the UK next week based on the opening lines.
      Although I'll reserve judgement until I see the episode, scanning the
      synopsis does bring several reservations. If it had been a true link, then
      the Snowman would have been said to have been operating from the early 70s &
      to hell with the fact he'd be an old man by now. Our Iceman didn't use ice
      picks for murder come to that either.
      As much as I enjoy watching 'Alias', you'd have thought that other
      security services would have taken out SD-6 by now let alone any of their
      field agents. With all the air miles she travels & most often under her real
      name, somebody would have been watching by now.

      Gotta go

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