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  • pdcsnr@aol.com
    Hi All: I m Paul Clarke. I live in Canada and I m 54 Years old. As a child my dreams were of becoming a cowboy then a detective then a lawyer. I always watched
    Message 1 of 12 , Dec 31, 2002
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      Hi All:
      I'm Paul Clarke. I live in Canada and I'm 54 Years old. As a child my
      dreams were of becoming a cowboy then a detective then a lawyer. I always
      watched the westerns on tv back then so Wyatt Earp or Hugh O'Brian was a
      hero. When I heard he was doing another series, I was greatful for the
      exposure he got. I was excited after seeing the probe pilot. It was new and
      different from anything on tv at the time.
      Doug McClure had also done a western as well as a detective show and I
      enjoyed his acting as well.
      I was also a big comic fan and still follow them a bit. I belong to
      another group called comics to screen. They are very informative as to which
      characters are about to arrive in your local theater.
      I collect and trade several old tv shows and am looking forward to
      getting of the Search eps.
      Well that's about it for me for now.


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    • Geoff Willmetts
      Hello everyone Hello Jim Personal details?? Didn’t I suggest this last year?? Hope you work out the statistics of all of this, Jim. I’m Geoff Willmetts.
      Message 2 of 12 , Jan 1, 2003
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        Hello everyone
        Hello Jim

        Personal details?? Didn�t I suggest this last year?? Hope you work out the
        statistics of all of this, Jim.

        I�m Geoff Willmetts. Age 45 (46 this year) living in Somerset in the UK. My
        earlier background can be looked up where I�m currently editor, article
        writer, story-writer, reviewer on www.sfcrowsnest.com � the website details
        you see on signature at the bottom of each email sent in. There�s even an
        old moving picture of me taken on a damp day. Usually my hair�s a lot more
        fluffed up than that. Former life included being a scientist & running UK�s
        X-Men Fan Club for a number of years. [Jim, a lot of us are going to own up
        to an interest in comics y�know.]
        As a number of you have discovered I tend to know a lot about TV series,
        SF, science, espionage, technology � although its more to do with
        near-photographic recall than anal retention as I carry a lot of junk in my
        head. What I don�t carry there, I know where to look up. You�d hate to know
        what else I�m a fan of. Outside of SF as a taster, you can include Modesty
        Blaise & �The Destroyer� pulp series. [Anyone know where I can lay my hands
        on the Remo film soundtrack CD � only recently discovered there was one &
        its deleted.]
        [It might be interesting to note how we found the Probe website by the way
        as it might assist in getting others to it.] Although I did do searches on
        the various search engines for �Search� it became a bit nonsensical using
        the term �Search�. Switched to �Probe� & various actor names. I must have
        stopped before the website came up. One of your regulars, Richard
        Rutherford, spotted my interest in the series cos it was in my biographical
        notes on the Net & linked me in. My erstwhile publisher puts a lot of
        cross-connections through Google & that�s how he found me.
        I freelance write when I can & wrote an article about �Search� that
        included enlarged but black & white photos from my Lincoln stills in the UK
        magazine �TV Zone Special� # 12 several years back dependent on my memories
        of the series plus the odd episode & pilot I had on video. Because I used my
        initials with the article some bright spark at their publishing house turned
        the �G� into �Gary�. Based on what Richard�s noticed, some websites have
        used that piece for source for articles on �Search�. I�ve seen the odd one &
        any errors are theirs not mine. As far as I know, I think I�m the only one
        to have written & seen in print on article in �Search� in the paper world.
        I know a few of you have picked up this mag as a back-issue. It�s also one
        of the most expensive on their list cos of nude pics of Katy Manning with a
        dalek from Doctor Who in it rather than my article. If you want to get a
        copy, look up: www.visimag.com/tvzone
        Having got some nice quality generation episodes from Australian Trevor,
        I�ve been revising my memories of �Search�. I first saw them all on BBC2 in
        1973 although didn�t see the pilot until much later & is one of my most
        treasured videos. Frontiere�s music is one of the best I�ve ever heard &
        most memorable. The �Name Of The Game� rotation format made a lot of sense.
        Too many series depend on showing one star getting all the cases. With
        �Search�, one could believe this was a busy organisation working. I loved
        the technology & it�s so nice to see Leslie Stevens� assessment coming true
        today. [By the by, I�ve only just seen the Leslie Neilson film �Spy Hard� �
        anyone else spot the �Search� reference given by actor Robert Gulliame near
        the beginning using an audio jack??]
        Choosing favourite episodes is still tough. Certain aspects have dated &
        some aren�t so good but from what you chaps say has a lot to do with Leslie
        Stevens leaving the show. I do have a fondness for amongst others �Short
        Circuit�, �Suffer My Child� (although largely for the memory of Control
        reviving a drowning Lockwood), �Let Us Prey� & most of Lockwood cos they
        have some of the classiest moments. Gloria Harding trying to get messages
        through to a deaf Lockwood were classic & she has some of the bitchiest
        lines. I usually find something in each to like which is rather unusual for
        the critic in me.
        Merchandise-wise, I pulled scripts, stills & the photoset from Lincoln
        Enterprises years ago. I had the �Moonrock� novelisation as a gift from a
        friend & didn�t get the �Search� novelisation itself until a couple years
        back. Anyone looking for copies should check out www.abebooks.com.

        Hope the rest of you are forthcoming
        Gotta go
        Geoff Willmetts

        ********* GF Willmetts ****************************
        Commissioning Editor: http://www.sfcrowsnest.com or

        'SFCrowsnest.com PageRanked by Google as the 2nd most popular Science
        Fiction site on the Internet'
        see: http://directory.google.com/Top/Arts/Literature/Genres/Science_Fiction/
        1st most popular SF PageRanked by Open Directory Project
        see: http://dmoz.org/Arts/Literature/Genres/Science_Fiction/

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      • Marta Dawes
        My husband, Steve (also on this list) and I have been Search fans since the pilot film. I m 46, born, raised and continue to live in Omaha, Nebraska. I m
        Message 3 of 12 , Jan 1, 2003
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          My husband, Steve (also on this list) and I have been Search fans since
          the pilot film. I'm 46, born, raised and continue to live in Omaha,
          Nebraska. I'm also a computer professional, as I see many of the people
          on this list are. I currently work for the largest family-owned bank in
          the midwest, in the Human Resources Information Services group. I do
          quite a bit of database work, as well as working with a 40-year-old
          mainframe payroll system that is a true dinosaur, and managing and
          designing the HR intranet site for the bank (which has over 900 separate
          pages of information that has to constantly be updated).

          I wrote the first review of the "Probe" pilot film on the IMDB, and I
          believe it was Don who emailed me, after reading the review, to tell me
          that the Search group was out there. That's when I joined the list.
          I'm also a comic book fan, but I mostly collect Carl Barks Scrooge
          McDuck and Donald comics. I never got into the super hero comics, but
          Steve did, so those are also in our collection. He's a big Spiderman
          and X-Men fan.

          I write on occasion, have finished a dozen books but haven't sold any
          yet (I've got the plot of a book in the back of my mind that could be a
          hit, if I'd find the time to start it), am a real fanatic on Omaha
          history, and also do all our personal websites as well as contract
          website work.



          Home of
          "The Graveyards of Omaha"
          "The New Twilight Zone" (Read about the TZ Con!)

          as well as
          "Memories of the Indian Hills Theatre in Omaha, Nebraska"
          The last round Super-Cinerama theatre in the world
          Demolished August 20, 2001 for absolutely no reason by Methodist Health

          Sign the Petition to protest the demolition of the Indian Hills Online!

          Call Stephen Long, CEO of Methodist, at 402-354-4000 and tell him the
          theatre should have been reopened as a working film venue.

          Email comments@..., Methodist's website, and tell them the
          theatre should have been saved, and pass the email address and phone
          number on to everyone you know!

          And ---
          Join the Indian Hills and Cinerama and Widescreen Discussion Group
        • Skip Brown
          Hey gang.. I know I introduced myself many months ago, but I will refresh your memory. I am Harlan Skip Brown, Jr. 41, a published freelance writer and
          Message 4 of 12 , Jan 1, 2003
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            Hey gang..

            I know I introduced myself many months ago, but I will refresh your

            I am Harlan "Skip" Brown, Jr. 41, a published freelance writer and
            screenwriter. I have been writing for 25 years. I love to write songs,
            poetry, scripts, web pages and am working on my first novel, plus
            possibly, a book of poetry. In addition, I am in touch with some
            "connections" in Hollywood, concerning a certain script for the revival
            of a CERTAIN Television series (after we determine who holds the rights
            to it).

            Recently I just left a Fortune 100 company, after nearly 8 years there,
            to pursue a more blessed occupation in overseas Christian missionary
            work (I have an opportunity to work for an international organization in
            Ireland, as soon as February).

            I was still in elementary school when SEARCH first came on, so I did not
            get to see more than three or four episodes. But they were memorable to
            me. Even at that age, I was coming up with my own storylines for the
            series. I loved T.V. so much, I used to make my own "network schedule"
            of TV shows I always wanted to see. I would write up blurbs for my new
            series, place them on the schedule, and then write "TV GUIDE"
            descriptions of certain episodes. I remember that I put SEARCH on at
            9:00 pm, on Fridays, so I would be able to "see it". I had a wonderful
            imagination back then.

            The initial Pilot movie was one I had seen more than once, so the
            Lockwood character was the one I was most exposed to. About 15 years
            ago, when I had my first VCR, I taped a repeat of the Pilot, which is
            still shown occasionally on the TBS cable channel. I've worn it out in a
            couple of places, so I may break down and try to get copies of the whole
            series from you guys.

            I think most of you would agree with me, SEARCH was way before its time.
            There was at least one show that imitated it, but it was never as good
            as the original.

            I wonder if there would be enough interest to have a convention of our

            Have a good one!

            Skip Brown

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          • crayresearch2001 <mountainbike@securenet
            Name: Don-2(not to be confused with Don H)going on 42. Self employed and now into computers, but more as a hobbiest, no doubt Search was a great influence. I
            Message 5 of 12 , Jan 1, 2003
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              Name: Don-2(not to be confused with Don H)going on 42. Self employed
              and now into computers, but more as a hobbiest, no doubt Search was a
              great influence. I actually used a Basic network couputer terminal in
              high school, sort of "hacked" into it ;) Search piqued my curiosity
              for electronics projects at the time. When I used to spend hours
              listening to Short Wave on old WW2 vintage Military Radios, I would
              get that Search feeling coming over me. Especially with all those
              lights glowing in the dark. As a TV show search was just too cool.
              Used to watch it at my parents house, on black and white TV!!! But
              still remember it as being a totally awesome show. Recently showed my
              brother(Star Trek fan) some Search episodes and pointed out to him
              the connections to the Star Trek series. He liked it, but I think
              it's the original fans like us who are the most sentimental about the
              show. Burgess Meredith was great as Cameron, but after getting to
              know him as The Penguin, it was interesting to see him as the good
              guy, and good he was. After seeing remakes of Mission Impossible in
              the 80's and The Professionals(British cop show)in the 90's, I am
              sure that a remake of Seach would be possible but only successful if
              done properly, and what are the chances of that happening? If you
              look at Star Trek, they just added stuff to the original series,
              taking into account the passing of time. I think the same formula
              would work perfectly with Search, that is, if Warner Bros. was
              interested in the project. <<<<END RUN>>>>


              Happy New year to the group members!
            • dmanmetz@aol.com
              Name: Chris Metz, 32. I m sure everyone is laughing since I am probably the youngest member in the group. I was two when Search came on the air, but I didn t
              Message 6 of 12 , Jan 4, 2003
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                Name: Chris Metz, 32. I'm sure everyone is laughing since I am probably the youngest member in the group. I was two when Search came on the air, but I didn't catch it until the repeats in the summer of 1973. My mother had liked the show mainly because she liked Hugh O'Brian in "The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp" and Doug McClure in "The Virginian" Anyway as a child I was to young to follow the plots, but I understood that there was a different Probe agent every week and that they had ear jacks implanted in their ears to talk to Cameron at Probe Control. Every time there was an action scene ( and there were plenty of them) or the flashing lights of Probe Control, my undivided attention was given to the show. My older brother of three years also helped inform of what was going on. I have a great memory and for the longest time I had images of Search in my head. I remember a "Honeymoon to Kill" very well. Especially the car chase scene and Grover getting thrown off of his Corvette (which started my love affair with cars) when it was stolen from him later on in the episode. I remember being scared when Lockwood was thrown overboard into the water by the "Frog men" in "Suffer my Child". Funny thing, the scream scared me first and then I thought the guys in the scuba diving suits were monsters!(LOL) Ahhhhhhhhhh, the imagination of a three year old :) The last episode that stuck in my mind was Cameron being kidnaped and under all those lights in "Moment of Madness". I don't recall many Bianco episodes, but I do remember seeing one were it was night time through the whole episode and it lost my interest. Having seen the videos as an adult, I have come to the conclusion that it was probably "Twenty-four Karot Hit". When my brother and I would play together, he would be Bianco and I was Grover. Another reason Search stated in my memory was that like everyone else in the group, the pilot was shown numerous times in syndication in the 70's and up to the mid 80s. For the longest time my brother and I could never figure out why Search had made it to syndication. I had high hopes in the mid 90's when the Sci-Fi channel started showing 70's sci-fi shows that had also liked as a kid: The Invisible Man (1975), Gemini Man(1976), The Magician (1973), Auto Man (1984), etc. I just knew Search was gonna show up, but it didn't, and I was crushed :( That's why I was overjoyed when I found this site in 2000 was able to the see the show as adult and fully understand it. Thank God for the Internet. It's great to tap into childhood memories when not working. Presently I'm a Captain in US Army.
                Welcome to all the new members.

              • Michael Beacom
                Greetings. I m Michael and I m from Omaha. I m at the tail end of the baby boom (born in 64, only 38) but I remember Search very well. I first remember
                Message 7 of 12 , Jan 12, 2003
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                  I'm Michael and I'm from Omaha. I'm at the tail end of the
                  baby boom (born in '64, only 38) but I remember Search very

                  I first remember Search, seeing it advertised on tv. I
                  remember the tv commercial, and the one shot that stuck in
                  my mind was seeing the red Probe Control screen with a
                  fish-eye view of what I would later discover was Lockwood's
                  hand on a car's steering wheel- it was unusual because the
                  camera's POV was that of the driver and this was before
                  cameras were routinely in racecars etc.

                  I watched most of the episodes, although after a while only
                  images from some stick in my mind (Lockwood racing around a
                  beach in a dune buggy - I wanted the Dune Buggy. Grover
                  getting punched by a thug who was wearing the Probe so we
                  got a fist-eye-view of him getting smacked, etc.). I wanted
                  it to go on, so I wrote my own search scripts on an electric
                  Underwood Scriptor type writer - Then, in the latter 70's, a
                  couple of wonderful things happened; late nite TV started
                  rerunning the pilot film (I remember setting up my tape
                  recorder with a patch-cable from my father's radio, which
                  could pick up all of the tv stations, and recording Search
                  on cassettes and waiting with breathless anticipation for
                  the show to begin. Yes, this was before VCR's.) and someone
                  left two books in a used book store - one was Search and the
                  other was the adaptation of Moonrock. Also, I was getting a
                  newsletter from Gene Roddenberry's Lincoln Enterprises, and
                  he started offering film clips. I ordered all my allowance
                  could afford. I rediscovered Search all over again.

                  In the 80's my house got a vcr and cable at about the same
                  time, and two superstations ran the Search pilot within a
                  week of each other, so I got two copies, and using that and
                  the audio tape as a guide was able to splice together a
                  complete version of the pilot without commercials or
                  omissions. I still have it all to this day.

                  The latest great re-discovery was finding this site
                  dedicated to the series, and it has allowed me to relive it
                  all over again. I don't always have a lot to add because
                  the individuals here are very on-the-ball and it is usually
                  said or done before I can add my two cents, but that is
                  okay. It's always stimulating to tune in.

                  Michael B.

                  Jim Alexander wrote:

                  > Franklin Berke wrote:
                  > >... I have close friend who is a few years older than me,
                  > but he was always
                  > into action and adventure series.
                  > -------------------------------
                  > The thought crossed my mind when I read this, I wondered
                  > how old Franklin
                  > was. In fact, I am often curious what kind of 'age range'
                  > the discerning
                  > folks who've stumbled across (or rather sought-out!) John
                  > and Bryan's
                  > probecontrol page encompass.
                  > I usually don't go for this kind of thing, but seeing as
                  > we're a tight-knit
                  > kind'a group (though we're strung across more than one
                  > continent), I was
                  > wondering if y'all would be interested in writing a bit
                  > about yourselves?
                  > How old you are. What you do for a living. Where you
                  > live. And if you
                  > feel led, your first (best?) memories of our favorite
                  > little one-season
                  > wonder?
                  > In fact... with over 100 members on this list, it'd be
                  > nice (ESPECIALLY for
                  > some of the newer members, perhaps) to get to know each
                  > other a bit
                  > better... don'tchathink?
                  > I'll start the ball rolling:
                  > I'm Jim Alexander. I'm 43. I've worked in local
                  > Television production for
                  > about 22 years now. I live in Evansville, Indiana (that's
                  > in the
                  > southernmost tip of the state). I remember watching the
                  > very first
                  > broadcast of the SEARCH pilot, and being thrilled by it.
                  > I was on hand for
                  > the SECOND airing, and of course... the series. I was so
                  > crazy about the
                  > show, I audio-taped the pilot, and many of the episodes
                  > (though the
                  > recordings are vastly inferior to the nice recordings
                  > listmember Don Harden
                  > made in '72-'73). I've loved comic books since I was
                  > small, and being a
                  > frustrated comic book artist... even co-wrote a series of
                  > 'Search' comics
                  > during the period when the show was out--with my best
                  > buddy at the time. We
                  > gave the show a slight 'slant' however. Our Probes worked
                  > NOT for World
                  > Securities... but for S.E.A.R.C.H.-- The Space and Earth
                  > Association's
                  > Rescue Control Headquarters. ;) And the comic 'starred'
                  > me (as Probe One,
                  > natch'), and all of my friends... in 'supporting roles' as
                  > various Probes,
                  > Probe Control technicians... and the like.
                  > Anyway... before I run off at the mouth TOO much... I'll
                  > end. And I hope
                  > the rest of you might feel led to tell us a bit about
                  > YOURselves... :)
                  > Jim
                  > probecontrol@...
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