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Re: [probe_control] Mind-play & journalism

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  • Geoff Willmetts
    Hello everyone & especially Don Re: frighteningly efficient the Nazis and Bolsheviks could have been in targeting their enemies if computers existed back .
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1 11:56 AM
      Hello everyone & especially Don

      Re: 'frighteningly efficient the Nazis and Bolsheviks could have been in
      targeting their enemies if computers existed back'. That's an interesting
      scenario but oddly one-sided. In SF, there's always been scenario stories
      where the Nazi or even the Japanese won particular wars. Philip Dick's 'The
      Man In The High Castle' is a demonstration of that.
      The real problem is that the development of, say, computer technology
      which would allow such snooping would have different repercussions, namely
      you'd have computers for all as well & a different financial situation. All
      the early wars were about territory & the people either poorly educated or
      poor. Like today, the world would have been seen to shrink in size with
      advanced computers. Something that is news today is spread across the world
      today. True, there might still have been a war but I doubt if it would have
      come out the same.
      This is a scenario that can be played with. There's plenty of variations
      if you want to mind-play for a little exercise. My main consideration is
      that if somethings are fundamentally different, then the resolutions of them
      are likely to be different as well.

      Hello Marta
      Do have more info or where we can look up about this little old lady?? The
      journalist aspect of what I do tends to get concerned about message
      distortion. This isn't a reflection on you.
      What tends to happen is an event is reported, a series of journalists want
      to put their angle on something, often without checking or own agenda &,
      before you know it, the two events aren't connected as they should. That is,
      for example, the letter might not have anything to do with why she was
      imprisoned. What if she was 'Ma Baker' in disguise?? In such cases, it's
      always wise to trace back down the line to the original story.
      All right, I can see the next question here: How can I trust the news
      reports? Look for consistency of facts between them than opinions first.
      Actions have to be a little higher than opinions although even the former
      can be misinterpreted.

      Gotta go

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