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some new Gold Machine scenes posted

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  • dghprobe3@aol.com
    http://probecontrol.com/Episodes/gold.html Hi everyone: Actingman has just posted some additions to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2002

      Hi everyone:  Actingman has just posted some additions to the "Gold Machine" filmclip images.  The newer scenes are mixed in with the older scenes and all the scenes are renumbered.

      The way I scan the filmclips, there are some occasional repeats often due to scratches and/or problems with the original clips.  The idea is to eventually clone out defects later--sometimes between two scans of the same scene--when someone has the time to do it.  It takes enough time to individually scan these things as it is.  John, feel free to cull any of the scenes that appear to repeat.

      Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys these.  There were also a few scenes to be added to "One of Our Probes is Missing," but those are basically slight variations of scenes already posted.  Someone has a different facial expression, someone's head has turned a different way, that sort of thing.

      I've just finished making a CD of video grabs of "Countdown to Panic" (aka "The Carrier") and will be sending those to Actingman for posting soon.  Yes, we are constantly adding to the site, bit by bit.

      --Don H.

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