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Random Thoughts on "Suffer My Child"

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    Random Thoughts on Suffer My Child by Don Harden This SEARCH episode ran one year before the famous Patricia Hearst kidnapping case in 1974. (Original
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      Random Thoughts on "Suffer My Child"
      by Don Harden

      This SEARCH episode ran one year before the famous Patricia Hearst
      kidnapping case in 1974. (Original airdate was 3-28-73.) Among other
      things, it examines the "poor little rich kid" syndrome. According to TV
      GUIDE, this episode involved "kidnapping with a twist: the half-million
      dollar ransom is returned instead of the victim."
      The villain was another older gentleman (as was Streeter in the pilot
      movie), this time played by Byron Morrow, who was often a Starfleet Admiral
      in "Star Trek." In an interesting plot twist, this villain was ruled out
      early in the episode. Lockwood apparently inadvertantly clued him on to an
      opportunity. Much of the episode revolves around Lockwood and the kidnapped
      girl's father, John Rickman II, played by Mel Ferrer. Paul Mantee of
      "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" plays one of the father's security guards.
      One scene dates the episode somewhat. When Lockwood finds the box under
      his car containing videotape, he pulls out a large reel of half-inch tape and
      they play it on a bulky reel-to-reel videotape player, which would have been
      available to rich people of that time. If the episode were filmed today,
      Lockwood would have pulled a videocassette out of the box instead. And then
      there are some references to VietNam, but these don't detract from the show.
      One minor problem I have with the episode, though, is the scene in which
      Lockwood gets knocked out and thrown off a boat. He was underwater and
      unconscious for nearly a full minute, yet he didn't drown. Did he hold his
      breath while unconscious or what?
      Another nod to high tech appears in this episode. A full-size mock up
      of a lunar module is seen briefly outside of the bad guy's building. This
      reminds me of "Moonrock" as well as the assertion that Lockwood is supposed
      to be a former astronaut. I like Dominic Frontiere's background music, much
      of which was specially composed for this episode. Overall, an fairly good
      episode that holds true to the premise of SEARCH. It has a nicely paced plot
      with a somewhat subdued villain who is not seen much.
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