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RE: [probe_control] What stands out to me after watching them all? Well...

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  • gf willmetts
    Hello John Methinks this is going to open up a new section on the website. Geoff *************** Geoff Willmetts editor, SFCrowsnest.org.uk and other
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      Hello John

            Methinks this is going to open up a new section on the website.



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      There's also a big blooper in the Lockwood episode "The Gold Machine". During the fight inside the cave, the camera swings too far and shows a stand alone light with a crew member standing next to it.


      At 06:11 PM 5/31/2014, John actingman6@... [probe_control] wrote:

      Here's a blooper you and everyone can go back and look at:  In Honeymoon To Kill, Grover is supposed to lose his scanner after hitting someone and Cameron tells him to leave it and escape with the young lady.  He throws the punch, looks down at his ring and is about to say his line when he notices the scanner is still there.  He pauses, rubs his hand over his ring finger knocking the scanner off, and then gives his line about having just lost it.

      I can only speculate that either the director felt the action looked too good to try and re do, or it was the last shot of the day and time was running out, or I don't know what...but when I saw that on the crystal-clear DVDs, my jaw almost hit the floor.

      On Fri, May 30, 2014 at 9:38 PM, lensessions@... [probe_control] < probe_control@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      I’ve lurked in this group for many years with very little to contribute (apart from some scans from UK TV listings magazines way back).  The idea that we’d ever see this show on DVD seemed like a pipedream, but I never stopped hoping.  Would it ever have happened if not for this group? A pat on the back for all of us, I think, but especially those frequent contributors who still find fresh issues to discuss after all these years!  Having now drip-fed my way through the whole series, a few things did seem noteworthy to me and I don’t recall them being addressed before (& I apologise if they have).

      First there’s Ford Rainey.  Given that the show only lasted for one season it seems so strange that they chose to use the same actor who played client Aaron Johannes in the pilot to play World Securities Director Dr Barnett for the series.  And then they go and swap him for Keith Andes (did Rainey upset Anthony Spinner or something?)!  Why recast the Barnett role when they could just as easily have introduced another Board member - or even pulled Kent Smith back to give Dr Laurent another shot!

      Secondly, there’s Alfred Ryder.  I know it’s commonplace on long-running shows for the same actor to recur in multiple roles over the years but wasn’t it pushing it a bit for someone to pull double-duty on a single-season show? When Ryder pops up in Goddess of Destruction even my wife said “Didn’t we just see this guy in the pilot?� (Neither of us spotted Richard LePore’s double duty, though - it was only after he was exposed as the bad guy on The Mattson Papers that I Googled him and found he’d also appeared in In Search of Midas.)

      Thirdly there’s Byron Chung.  With so many key players on both sides of the camera having passed away over the last 40 years I’m surprised I never Googled one of my favourite performers.  I make the terrible assumption that if I haven’t seen an actor in a while then they either died or couldn’t have done much - and I’m starting to realise the real problem is my own ignorance.  Among MANY other roles he apparently played Sun’s father on Lost, an important character on a major show… that compleetely passed me by.  Looking good, too!

      I’d used to think I had an eye for detail when it comes to casting, but my shortcomings are becoming apparent.  Yes, I noticed the two Charlie’s Angels before anyone pointed them out to me.  Yes, I noticed that Coach from Cheers directed an episode (he’d previously worked with Franciosa on the Fame is the Name of the Game pilot).  Yes, I noticed that McEgan from The Murrow Disappearance was also responsible for various voiceovers on briefing tapes (AND had an onscreen appearance in Goddess of Destruction).  And nearly every episode has had me yelling “It’s that guyâ€� as I bore my wife with the resumes of bit-part actors from the ‘70s and why I think they’re important.  But several big names slipped past me, such as the jaw-dropping moment when I realised that playing Dane Clark’s daughter in The 24 Carat Hit was… Superboy’s Mom! Really? Given thatt I could rattle off the high points of her resume with ease I’m still shocked that she was so young there that I hadn’t recognised her.

      And lastly, something I could have done without seeing.  Not the laugh-out-loud dated ‘70s sexism.  Not the techno-ignorance of a bygone era where people have to struggle to remember the word “printout� (in Numbered for Death in case you’re wondering).  Watching the show so crisp and clear on DVD, looking even better than when I first saw it on TV, I got to see the reflections of the film crew in the window of the bus as Grover chats with the driver in Honeymoon to Kill - the only outright blooper I’ve spotted!

      40 years.  It was worth the wait.  In honour of the moment I dug out the reason why I got sucked into the show in the first place - a brief review on the back cover of the February 1973 edition of Comic Media News (UK).  I’ve added it to the files section along with a low-quality copy of the front cover for reference purposes.

      Len Sessions

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