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  • Geoff Willmetts
    Hello everyone Many years back, I got the Babylon 5 ScreenSaver CD. It allows muliple musical WAV cues to be added to a variety of PC Windows functions.
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 28, 2001
      Hello everyone
      Many years back, I got the 'Babylon 5 ScreenSaver' CD. It allows muliple
      musical WAV cues to be added to a variety of PC Windows functions. Using
      some Jukebox software, I managed to flip the MP3 files of the opening, close
      & two break clips to WAV & its Desktop happily plays them in my random mode.
      Still trying to figure out why the conversion to WAV of the 3 minute version
      is responding just yet but will probably figure it out along the way. It's
      not the length but format. Probably a hidden code that needs neutralising.
      I think Jim Alexander would go a little ape with the clips my computer
      plays around with. As far as I know the B5 CD isn't available any more, at
      least not in the UK. On your side of the pond, it might turn up in the
      cheapie dumps.
      It was made by Rockridge Enterprises. Presumably they did other
      screensaver software with different TV programmes or films, so it might be
      possible to apply to them as well.
      The problem with dedicated desktop themes selections is that, at least for
      me, after a while, I'm likely to want to change to avoid complacency. The
      way I've currently it, I've pulled selections from a variety of other
      desktop themes. Everything from Airwolf to UFO, Bewitched to Terminator &
      Search. (Hope you're paying attention, Jim.)
      Apart from the desktop sound themes, there's a random wallpaper software
      that will operate on any BMP files in any directory its in. I've hooked it
      through the menu system & the wallpaper changes with a button press. Can't
      do much with the actual screensaver. Uses a BAF file system but who stays to
      watch the pictures flick through anyway. The best screensaver is turning off
      the monitor as that's the real electricity guzzler anyway.

      Gotta go.
      Geoff Willmetts

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