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RE: [probe_control] Telemetry

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  • gf willmetts
    Hello Dino Capacitors being bigger than diodes would made the biggest splash. IÆm not convinced that RF causes cancers. People were having them long before
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      Hello Dino


           Capacitors being bigger than diodes would made the biggest splash.

           I’m not convinced that RF causes cancers. People were having them long before such pollution but our level of communication has risen so it our knowledge of illnesses has increased.

           My house is in an interesting position in my street as depending where I point my aerial, I can hook into four different TV masts, a couple do overlap signal. The furthest is in South Wales of all places. Another is in a direct line towards a mobile phone transmitter according to the maps and so I chose a different one plus the foil and removed a lot of the interference.


           Re: Earjack and dental contact. A lot of this has to go back to ‘Let Us Prey’. Danzig modified Bianco’s earjack and still had it function. Granted that he probably had a transmitter on his island but when Cameron thought to extend his search for Bianco to the other side of the world, he easily locked into it and over-powered any local transmitter to talk to him. Granted, it could receive power from any microwave transmitter, you could say the same for the TV Scanner, assuming they knew what to look for and the transmitter frequency except that microwaves weren’t used as much in those days. Had the series been made today, you could bounce signals all over the world with impunity but not then.

           As to whether there is a battery in the earjack, one has to think how it could be charged. An induction coil, like you have with charging electric toothbrushes would be enough. Sleep with one under your pillow when asleep and it would be nicely charged. Unlike the Scanner, it wouldn’t need so much juice. I do agree that it might also get some power from microwaves but its initial signal would be like a homer.


           What practical use would there be in seeing into UV?? Granted, the TV Scanner has a full spectrum detection but I doubt if it would need to go that high.

           Bianco wore his Scanner on his tie-clip a couple times.

           As to sneaky moving the Scanner around. In the novelisation, van Niestat or one of the pair did wonder why Lockwood’s piece of jewelry seemed to move from position to position.


                Re: Translation software: Not so. You can get an audio translation. If you look through your Windows software, you’ll find there is a facility for all sorts of medically impaired people. I suspect that also applies to those of you who have Apple computers as well.





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      Scanner power: Well put. And yes, the capacitors would be the components that explode, although diodes will also explode if their reverse bias limit is surpassed (it's called "avalanche breakdown", for those who don't know the term; I used to demonstrate it to my classes when I taught electronics). You'd be surprised just how large of a "POP" and how many sparks a teeny-weeny diode can make when it blows! They would provide the "light show"; the capacitors would provide the "oomph!" to the blast.

      Microwaves: We're practically living in a microwave oven now. What when you count all of the RF (HF, VHF, UHF, microwave frequencies, etc.) from TV and radio stations, voice comms, GPS and mobile/cell phone signals, Satellite TV signals (which are far stronger than they were when people had 8-foot diameter dishes in their yards, so the smaller dishes can pick them up), radar from weather satellites, etc., etc., we're constantly being bombarded by RF radiation. (It's all over which is why our equipment picks it up no matter where we are. Maybe that's one of the reasons why there has been a rise in cancer over the last couple of decades? Too much RF exposure?)

      Earjack and Dental Contact power: I agree; they had to be linked somehow. As you say; they're implanted so close together. For all we know - unless it's been mentioned in a novelisation - their power cold also be coming from the ComStat signals.

      Real-life "spy" cameras: Yeah, things are getting smaller, but I agree that the original PROBE scanner had a lens that's better suited for the wide spectra it was intended to "see". (We know besides regular and zoom, we had X-Ray and infrared. I wonder if it also had others such as UV.)

      Wearing scanners: Yeah, the cufflink demo in the Pilot was I think just that: a demo to show the viewer that the scanner could be attached to any appropriate metallic surface. Having it on the cuff link would be as practical - or rather serve the same purpose as the ring: still, close-up, zoom-in imaging. (Remember the dizzying images on Control's main view screen when Lockwood had the scanner on his ring, and was helping to load the luggage into the cars' boot?) The necklace or watch chain was indeed too low for sitting at a table, but it at least gave a "stable" image as the agent walked. In "Operation Iceman" (if I've got the title right), the female agent wore hers in the center of a brooch, on her left jacket lapel, I think it was (been a while since I've seen that episode). A lapel pin would be a really good place to wear it, though. (But it wouldn't be so easy to sneak it off and place it somewhere else, as it would to sneak it off of the watch chain or necklace.)

      Translation software: While it has come a long way since its early days, it's still not perfect, and someone would still have to read the translation to the PROBE agent. Better that be a linguistics expert who could verify the translation software had gotten it right (and provide the correct translation if the software was a bit off), than just any Control techs who would just read what the software is telling them. (Besides, who can deny the comic effect in that one episode - someone help me with the title here, please - when that beautiful woman says something to Lockwood, Griffin translates it: "My darling, my darling." And Cameron mutters, "Now that loses something in the translation.")


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      Hello Dino

           Re: TV Scanner. Of course, but without the connection to HQ, the device is essentially useless so it makes sense for them to microwave the energy it needs to work it.

           I only went on about the dynamo to cover your point that it wouldn’t be practical.

           As to voltage from microwaves. It is a low voltage or we would be living in a microwave oven. The Scanner might be small but its energy would have to be stepped up for some of its functions and probably why some of the functions aren’t on all the time. Putting a transformer in the Scanner would be a bit impractical but a capacitor would carry enough providing it’s used. Going back to ‘Short Circuit’, that would be the part of the Scanner that I would go for to make it explode.

           We’ve never discussed what powers the dental contact but I suspect that as it’s so close to the earjack that it shares its link.

           I’ve had John run the photos of spy cameras currently in use and the lens is about half the size of the Scanner now but I think the original size would serve its other functions better. All the real ones are still linked to a battery source which is many times bigger.

           Wearing it is easier. No neckchain but simply in the lapel. I never saw the cufflink as being that practical and considering that they couldn’t stop it flying off on the show was probably why we never saw it being used that way beyond the pilot demo. I thought the waistcoat position was too low on the chest. The ring was used for close-ups when sitting down but the lapel would still work. Lady PROBES would do as last time and be part of their jewelry.

           Considering how much translation software has developed over the last decade, having some computer-based version working would probably be in there.


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