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  • martin allen
        Dino:        Just a quick update, as I don t want to add to your eyestrain--I ve rather enjoyed the debates re: some of our other favorite shows,
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             Just a quick update, as I don't want to add to your eyestrain--I've rather enjoyed the debates re: some of our other favorite shows, even chipped in a bit here and there, but I've got to tell you this; Barring a last-minute reversal, which seems unlikely, it's looking like I've got a job starting tomorrow! First in ten years, and all things considered, since I landed it after only a month of serious looking, I think I've beaten some odds--especially in this crummy job-market! Nothing special, just a mop and bucket at an almost-nearby elementary school, but I'll take it! If they like me, maybe I can go full time by year's end!.
          After the last 30+ year's with both parties gleefully casting everything Breton-Woods to the wind, we're lucky to still be here at all--lots of folks with bigger degrees than mine harvesting hub-caps on the side of the road!
           I have so many bills to catch up on, it's ridiculous! Maybe by the time I get somewhat caught up, "Search" will have advanced in the WAC-queue so's we can all get it! Now, I'm off to the rest home, I'll see my father for the first time in two weeks and leave someone with a check so as to zero-out my August balance--at least!  Now to get the greedy pill-pushers to stop trying to sneaky double-bill me before the old boy's Medicaid Part D kicks in September 1st. I swear they knew it was going to happen before I did and they tried one more shake-down...the swine!

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      Yes, we have Lok-Tight over here. I'm reluctant to use it on my glasses because I can't count the times I've cursed that stuff when I needed to make some adjustments inside some of the equipment aboard my Cutters only to find someone had used Lok-Tight on the adjustment screws the last time maintenance was done. (One of the many drawbacks to shipboard life: generator power is never the same voltage; it can vary from as low as 105 Vac to as high as 140 Vac. Usually once it was set as we broke from shore ties things were okay for that patrol and my equipment was aligned accordingly. However after on average of one to two months in port, the next time we got ready for a patrol ship's power would be a different voltage and we'd have to align things again. One would think there should be a standard for the engineers to follow when stabilizing the generators, but according to Coast Guard standards for the class of Cutter I was on anything from 100 Vac to 150
      Vac was "acceptable". It was only the electronics that were picky about their input power; everything else electrical (lights, toasters, galley cookers, etc.) didn't care. There were times, though, when our equipment wouldn't power up because its over/under-voltage protection kicked in when the generators only put out 100 Vac or went as high as 160 Vac! So, as the Chief, I shut down ALL of my electronics if the engineers blew me off when I asked them to adjust the "genny's" output. Once things were shut down I reported it to the Operations Officer (my uber-boss) so he could take it to the Captain. Then the engineers listened. But even then I had to adjust and re-adjust my equipment to the new voltage levels as that affected bits like oscillators and the like, and each time a new piece needed adjustment there was that fracking Lok-Tight on the screw again! And it wasn't as easy to break loose as one might think.)

      Knight Rider: I can check out some of the early Season 4 episodes since that's when they mentioned the "new" autopilot for the semi, unless you don't want any "spoilers", in which case I'll just let you continue to enjoy watching the rest of the series in order.

      Turbo Boost while using SPM: I think you're right about that, and I always wondered why they never used Turbo Boost (back then thinking - in the KR universe - that at the 350 mph speeds KITT supposedly reached in SPM, Turbo Boost would just launch him into the next county!). From a practical viewpoint, it would have meant instant, total destruction upon landing (not of KITT, of course, but for the car standing in for him as the Turbo Boost jump was made). I remember an article, I think in an early '80s 'Starlog' magazine where one of the production team said that each stunt KITT was nearly totaled after each jump and had to be rebuilt. They were lucky, though, because at the time KR was gearing up for production a train carrying "a couple of dozen" of the 1983 model Trans-Am wrecked, and while the T-As on the train weren't severely damaged, the damage was enough that GM was ready to write them off when Glen Larson offered to buy the cars "as is" for use
      in the new KR series. So they had plenty of spare cars to allow for rebuild time, as well as two "hero" KITTs. And I think they turned one Hero into the SPM version for open road driving, and one "stunt" KITT into the SPM version for anything that "might" cause damage when power sliding around corners. So with that limitation, yes; Turbo Boosting in SPM would have gotten very expensive for the rebuild team that had to put the jumping stunt car back together.

      'Enterprise' jumpsuits: Actually, they looked from their movement to be about the same weight as our pilots' flight suits. (They certainly has as many pockets!) Those were just a little heavier weight than our shipboard jumpsuits, but still very easy to work in. As for having "full use of facilities", using one in a jumpsuit was really no different than using one while wearing a coat, only instead of hanging the "coat" on the hook on the door, you just slid it down and wrapped the sleeves around your thighs (to keep them from touching the not-so-clean decks). It was really no big thing. In fact when my wife and I used to go to SF conventions back in the days when TNG and DS9 were still in first-run, I had a seamstress friend of mine make me a DS9 jumpsuit (the original DS9 one with the lilac undershirt - which I found on super sale at an Eddie Bauer store - and the department color across the shoulders). Taking care of business during the Cons wasn't a

      Trek film uniforms: Yeah... NO ONE liked the uniforms from "The Motion Picture", which is why they made those changes in "Wrath of Khan". My wife and I got to meet George Takei, Nichelle Nicols, and Jimmy Doohan at the first Con we attended in late 1983, shortly before "Search for Spock" was released. One of the questions someone asked them was about those new uniforms. Each of them said that, while they were more comfortable than those used in "TMP", they did get rather warm, even when not under studio lighting. When not on camera, everyone took the tunic off and just walked around in that ribbed turtleneck undershirt and it was just fine. I would imagine - moving into the Trek world now - that unless you were actually on watch you would not have the tunic on. Comparing this to our current military uniforms, things are very similar: high boots, trousers, an undershirt, and an overtunic. Most of the time people work in just the undershirt (which is
      either some shade of khaki or dark blue depending on which Service you're in, or if you're in one of the divisions destined for the "Sand Box", in which case your uniform is mostly desert camouflage). If you're on watch on the Bridge or the Quarterdeck, then you have to put on the overtunic. Real World vs. Trek World of ST:II through "Generations" - I would imagine things would work much the same considering the design of the uniforms.

      Transporters: According to Gene Roddenberry's Trek history that he outlined, the transporter was invented and used on starships about the time 'Enterprise' was to have taken place, so the whole fear of using it went against Roddenberry's vision of the world he created. The transporter wasn't "untested" when installed on NX-01; it had been perfected and the writers just milked the fear of using it out way too far.
      And speaking of alien technology, at that time ENTERPRISE NX-01 should only have been armed with lasers and fusion torpedoes - the photon torpedo being a Romulan invention and later developed by Starfleet during its "Four Years War" with the Romulans (possibly from tech taken from a captured Romulan photon torpedo that missed its mark and was adrift, something akin to a WWI torpedo, some of which are still being found these days?).

      Humans and Vulcans: Normally I would agree with you on this, however there had been a nearly 100-year gap between "First Contact" between Humans and Vulcans and when NX-01 was put into service. One would think in that time the Vulcans would have helped the Humans out more than they did. (And here, again, 'Enterprise' went against what Gene Roddenberry established on all of the other Treks before his passing.) I know Humans can be somewhat "stupid" at times (some of our insurance companies' TV adverts show that!), but after 100 years of working with the Vulcans one would think we'd have learned SOMETHING. If not, then the Vulcans were deliberately being bad teachers just to hold us back (which was said in 'Enterprise' dialogue many times).

      B5 vs. DS9: No real comparison there. DS9 takes place in ca 2369 in an idealistic 24th Century universe. B5 takes place from 2258-2263 (except for the Series Finale which was much later). This was when CAPT Pike would have been in command of ENTERPRISE 1701, and again that was an idealistic universe. The B5 was a more "realistic" universe: distrust between races, crime, deceit, interplanetary war, etc. I think that's why B5 was such a success. It was a vast departure from the Trek universe that it was impossible to compare the two: apples and oranges. Yes; Paramount was royally cheesed off because they realized they no longer had the monopoly on SF shows. They were also starting to deviate from the path the late Gene Roddenberry had laid down for the Trek universe. Fans realized that and started drifting to B5.
      Of course, there were the "Trek Nazis" who hated anything that wasn't Trek. At one Con when we got to meet Majel Barrett Roddenberry (again, only this time get close enough to get her autograph), the Trek Nazi in front of us getting her autograph actually scolded her for appearing in an episode of B5. She was very polite and explained that she was "an actress" and when a role comes along, it also comes with a pay check which she needed to pay bills with. The Nazi just took his autograph and said "You still shouldn't have done that B5 crap." The look on her face was one of great bewilderment, and she was actually stunned. My wife put her at east by saying as we stepped up to the table "Don't mind him; he's just an ass. We saw you in B5 and you made a lovely Centauri woman and your character was great." That brought a huge smile back to Mrs. Roddenberry's face.

      The Protectors: Ah... that explains why over here it's regarded as having a two-season run. There was a break from about mid May to mid September between the first and second batch of 26 episodes shown.

      'UFO' and Revival: I would love to see a revival. I've heard of one in the works for years now (much like the rumors of a 'Doctor Who' movie that lingered for years during the '80s and early '90s - well before the 1996 Movie). But nothing seems to be moving forward. I hope things are moving, even in secret, but just moving.
      As for the Original, there were times when it appeared that the Interceptors fired more than one missile (though not seen actually firing, there were more than three or four exploding UFOs). This has led to some fan "blueprints" of the Interceptor showing that their missiles were actually a housing for multiple warheads. And from a practical viewpoint that would only make sense: you've got only three Interceptors (maybe a fourth in standby), but a dozen or so UFOs attacking. Three missiles each with multiple warhead capabilities would stand a chance of stopping most of the UFOs; a fourth missile could make a huge difference. So if there is a 'UFO' revival, if the Interceptor's design isn't changed too much, perhaps that's how they'll make use of the missile: fire it, and have the casing open after a short distance and have six or so warheads come out and ignite their rockets as they streak towards the UFOs.
      And yes; SID should have had some sort of self-defence mechanism. I remember the episode when he took a hit and was out of action. SHADO was practically in a panic because they didn't have a way to detect the UFOs while they were still in deep space. (I wonder if SID's repairs consisted of such defence mechanisms. We never knew because he was never attacked again, even when the UFOs launched that massive attack, which thanks to SHADO forces failed miserably, otherwise we might all be speaking Ooblitek!)


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      Hello Dino

      Dunno if it�s
      available over there but you might want to obtain a small bottle of Lok-Tight.
      Place a drop of it over the glasses screw as you tighten it and the screw will
      stay in place until you deliberately unscrew it.

      Re: Knight
      Rider. I watched the first two seasons again earlier in the year and it isn�t
      in those two. I�m leaving the last two season until next spring.

      Super-pursuit mode. They paid for the modification so probably felt they needed
      to use it as much as they could but never risked turbo-boosting that way.

      Enterprise. If anything, their costumes were just lighter versions of
      jumpsuits. Functional but generic. They might have thought Trek fans would be
      able to make their own versions easy though. So how did you handle loo calls
      wearing it?? We�re talking Number 2s here,

      I think the
      worse Starfleet uniform was for the Motion Picture. Far too easy to get dirty.
      The later uniform with the woollen tunic must have been really too warm for
      living in on a starship despite looking impressive.

      The problem
      with introducing the transporter so early is that it ready made the Enterprise
      with all mod cons as if humans were capable of coming up with all things.
      Really, it would have made sense that the transporter technology was alien and
      adapted to work for Starfleet. It�ll be interesting to see whether they address
      this in the pocket universe.

      Humans are
      prone to running before they can walk. I side with the Vulcans on this.

      Re: Babylon
      5. Paramount were pissed cos of the perceived comparisons to DS9 but B5 was far
      superior. You could feel the vastness of B5 but not with DS9 which was still a
      thinly disguised Earth environment. DS9 was really outclassed on all levels on
      a cheaper budget which must have stung.

      Re: The
      Protectors. When it was first shown, there was no real differentiation between
      the different batches of episodes. Breaks for things like Easter and you
      notice the join.

      Re: UFO. It�ll
      be interesting to see what would happen if the proposed revival happens. I
      doubt if they�d use single missile interceptors. Don�t forget the reason why
      there was a base on the Moon in the first place was because the UFOs used it
      and the Earth�s gravity to help slow themselves down so an armed space station
      wouldn�t be much good. Saying that, one has to wonder why SID wasn�t at least
      with some kind of defence considering how vulnerable it is from attack.


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