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Re: [probe_control] series and scanners

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    I think in this one Geoff is referring to the Doctor in the House series. But to put a little more light on the Doctor Who issue: For a while all PBS ran
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      I think in this one Geoff is referring to the 'Doctor in the House' series.

      But to put a little more light on the 'Doctor Who' issue: For a while all PBS ran was the Tom Baker stories from "Robot" to "Invasion of Time", then they'd start the sequence over again. A few stations ran the last season of the Pertwee stories and then up to "Invasion of Time" before restarting.

      In the mid '80s several PBS stations we were able to get (WHYY in Philadelphia, another Pennsylvania station I can't remember, WNJN in Montclair, New Jersey) started airing all available episodes starting with "An Unearthly Child". They would break the sequence during their Pledge Drives to show the current stories (the Davisons, then the Colin Bakers). Finally, by 1988 they'd caught up and were showing the McCoy stories, and during their pledge drives (at least WNJN did) they had Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred in their studio to help promote donations. At one point when a pledge phone rang, McCoy grabbed the handset before the pledge volunteer could, much to everyone's dismay, and looked at the camera saying "No, seriously; look at your television now! I'm on the phone and waving to you!" (which he was, and even called the pledger by name). Needless to say, after that phones started ringing off the hook with people hoping to actually talk to McCoy or Sophie. (The station of course used this to their advantage; anyone calling with a pledge of $250 or more would get to talk with either McCoy or Sophie for five minutes. And it worked! The station reached their goal for the night way ahead of time.)

      But then in the '90s they stopped showing it. And then after the revival in 2005 with the new episodes airing on SciFi and then BBC America, some PBS stations returned to their original format of airing just the Tom Baker episodes from "Robot" (and if your were lucky) through to the end of the "Key to Time" series before starting over again. (If you weren't lucky your stories restarted after "Invasion of Time", just like before.)


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      Can't remember if it was the 70s or the 80s, but PBS stations started
      running Dr. Who. I know they had Tom Baker. I don't remember when or if
      they ran the earlier ones. The later ones followed, and then after the
      break, the current revival ones are available.

      On Fri, Aug 23, 2013 at 6:06 AM, gf willmetts

      > Hello
      > John
      > Did you get all the other �Doctor� series??
      > We tend to see the cream of US series over but
      > rarely hear what you folk had from us other than the ones labeled for
      > export.

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