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    If Yootoo TV (de)volved from The Nostalgia Channel, then there was a period of time in between when it was American Life TV. I never saw it when it was
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      If Yootoo TV (de)volved from The Nostalgia Channel, then there was a period of time in between when it was American Life TV. I never saw it when it was Nostalgia, but as American Life it aired lots of '60 and '70s TV shows (Thursday night was "Irwin Allen Night" starting at 8 PM with 'Lost In Space', then 'The Time Tunnel', and then 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea'. They waited until later - after midnight, I think - to air 'Land of the Giants'.)

      They ran through 'Time Tunnel' (the One-Season Wonder) twice, but for some reason always seemed to "skip tracks" with LIS and VttBotS, getting half way through Season 2 of 'Voyage' and Season 3 of LIS and starting those series from Day 1 again. (It got rather annoying; especially when they stopped airing them altogether without ever completing the series' run.) They showed other shows like 'Batman', 'Green Hornet', and a bunch more, which my feeble memory can't remember at the moment, but it was fun to watch and relive those memories.

      When it became YooToo TV, it was an abomination. It still showed 'Green Hornet', but that 30-minute show (including adverts) that was on American Life was turned into 45 minutes of agony as we got 5 minutes of the show, and then hit with a solid 5 to 6-minute "infomercial" on 'You, too, can be on TV, and all you have to do to get on is THIS...', which was then followed by inane instructions on how to film yourself doing anything idiotic and sending the tape/DVD to the YooToo TV Channel. The spot lasted over two minutes, and then instantly repeated itself without breaking, qualifying it for infomercial status. The Channel degraded from there, replacing what few favorite re-runs it was showing with its growing collection of moronic self-shot videos and mindless talk shows about more mindless videos. It came off of my Favorite Channels list after just a couple of weeks because we couldn't stand it, especially when it did air something we wanted to watch because it was that 5 minutes of show, and increasing to 7-minute spots of 'You, too...' crap (and yes, I timed it.) Verizon dumped YooToo after only a few short months.

      Nostalgia Channel sounds like it was great, but we had Cox Communistic (sic) in the early '90s and they didn't carry it in our area. American Life TV was also great, and we were with Verizon then and they carried the channel. YooToo was a total waste of - well - everything associated with TV: bandwidth, channel frequency, etc.

      There is a channel that Verizon carries called RetroPlex that airs old movies and TV shows; Saturday is their Westerns day. FamNet is another good one for classic TV shows (when it's not blaring Pat Robertson at me). And now there's Antenna TV, which is showing mostly classic comedies (Andy Griffith, Hazel) and SitComs (Barney Miller, Maude [gag], Benson), as well as Adam-12, and I think 'It Takes A Thief', just to mention a few.


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      From Salvage One's Wikipedia Page: The last four episodes were aired in
      the early 1990s on The Nostalgia
      now known as Youtoo TV <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Youtoo_TV>

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      > Ah. I see, John. Thank you for outlining that--and, yes, you're right, of
      > course.
      > So, SALVAGE ONE got a run on a cable channel, eh? I don't think I was
      > aware of that. Does anyone remember which one? I'm curious.
      > And, it was RetroTV (before it switched to RTV, I think?) that ran THE
      > BOLD ONES.
      > Jim Alexander

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