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9445Re: [probe_control] you people over the pond OK??

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  • Dean Or Mary Giangregorio
    Nov 2, 2012

      I probably should have clarified the loss of water bit: water services. When Isabel came through on 2003 some areas of Portsmouth lost their water service because the flooding damaged the pumping stations and got into the reservoir, which contaminated the water. (That boil the water before you use it policy.) So as long as we've got water service, I can do without the electricity. (Books are still fun, and oil lamps still provide plenty of light.)

      As for wishing for longer power loss - not quite. I was just saying that I can do without power if it goes out. And you're right; hurricane season doesn't end until 30th November. (It starts 1st June.) However, there are exceptions, as in 2005 when the hurricanes started well before June and continued well after November; they even ran out of names and had to switch to the Greek alphabet for the hurricanes we had so many that year! (And that was just in the Atlantic.)

      Bath and The Evil One: The wife was able to use a computer at work while they had power to let the university contact know about our power problems. So hopefully things will go smoothly, especially since I think most of the western hemisphere knows what the US East Coast was just hit with.

      Barrier islands and people with money: I wouldn't say 'dumb'. More like arrogant. They know the taxpayers will be replacing the sand, and the insurance will rebuild the house. It just comes down to their blatant show of money (the insurance for that is very expensive).

      Rebuilding: If you think of the barrier islands, nothing will stop a house from being washed out. The sand goes, then the foundation, and the house collapses (if the tidal surge doesn't shove the house off the foundation or the wave action doesn't pound it to splinters). In my area, we had a guy whose business flooded out during Isabel. He recovered, and over time expanded. When he expanded, he build his new building in higher pilings as a precaution. Well, Sandy caused a tidal surge that flooded out both buildings. So as long as people are going to live right on the water, they're going to have serious damage.

      Tornado Alley is another thing. You need a concrete dome with a very deep foundation to stop a tornado from literally blowing you to Oz. (I'll take a hurricane over a tornado any day; a hurricane you can see coming days or weeks in advanced, and if you're smart, prepare or get out of the way. A tornado can spring up out of nowhere, and by the time you realize one is there it's already too late. They're also unpredictable; they can destroy one house, mis the house next to it, and destroy the house next to that! At least with a hurricane you can plot its course, and see how it alters as it approaches.)

      As for people living in skyscrapers feeling safe, I can't say. I haven't known anyone who lived in one. I guess for flooding it's safe if you're on a higher floor, but at some point you're going to have to leave the building. So safety there is a relative thing.


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      The loss of water probably suggests that
      you�re part fish. :-)

      Careful what you wish for. As I commented
      to Rob, I don�t think the hurricane season is over yet.

      I�m sure Bath Uni will appreciate you have
      problems if you tell the power was out. Your daughter won�t be the only one
      with a problem from the USA.

      The rich people on the barrier islands
      sound pretty dumb.

      Surely, Dino, re-building is one thing, but
      making sure the buildings have a better chance of survival makes more sense.
      Then again, in the tornado states, they still build houses from wood which
      makes no sense.

      I presume people who lived in skyscrapers
      regarded themselves as pretty safe??


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