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9437Re: [probe_control] you people over the pond OK??

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  • Robert McNay
    Nov 1, 2012
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      From: Geoff Willmetts gfwillmetts@...

      > The Great Lakes are bigger than some seas, aren’t they??

      Not sure on that, but I do know they hold the largest percentage of the Earth's
      fresh water. Somewher in the 10 to 15% range, I think.

      > I wonder what Lucas is going to do with all that money??

      Lucas announced this AM that, the majority of the $4bil is going into a
      foundation to fund education.

      > Can we presume that the next three films are the ones that
      > Lucas said were never in his original plans when 9 became 6
      > all those years ago?? One thing for sure, it’s going to mess
      > up people who think the novels are canon but aren’t.

      Especially since a Disney exec made it quite clear that the new movies won't
      come from any published book. Its not the first time, after "SW: A New Hope",
      Alan Dean Foster wrote a novel (Splinter of the Mind's Eye) that went best
      seller and sat on the NYT Bestseller list for almost 20 weeks, IRC. Then "SW:
      TESB" came out and basically blew away the whole book.

      > Bearing in mind Ford’s age now, another Indy film seems
      > impractical unless they re-start them with a younger chap.

      Ford seems to be up for and still quite capable of action films. Indy was born
      in 1899 (that IS canon, from the Young Indy series), that means, if they stick
      to Indy being close to Ford's age, the film would be set in the late 1950s/early

      Rob McNay
      Chicago IL
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