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9436RE: [probe_control] you people over the pond OK??

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  • Geoff Willmetts
    Nov 1, 2012

      The Great Lakes are bigger than some seas,
      aren�t they??

      I wonder what Lucas is going to do with all
      that money??

      Can we presume that the next three films
      are the ones that Lucas said were never in his original plans when 9 became 6
      all those years ago?? One thing for sure, it�s going to mess up people who
      think the novels are canon but aren�t.

      Bearing in mind Ford�s age now, another
      Indy film seems impractical unless they re-start them with a younger chap.


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      From: Geoff Willmetts gfwillmetts@...

      > It�s not always apparent when Chicago is used in films that it is

      > actually a coastal city but not surprised that Sandy reached

      > that far and this isn�t really the start of the hurricane season.

      I read an interview once with a guy who was in the US Merchant Marine in WW2 and

      had done several convoys across the Atlantic. After the war, he became a

      captain on the Great Lakes. He said the North Atlantic, at its worst,

      had nothing on a Great Lakes storm, particularly Lake Superior and Lake


      > One odd thing about the Disney/LucasFilm merger is that

      > Industrial Light & Magic wasn�t mentioned. As it was always

      > named as a separate business in film credits, I presume

      > Lucas still owns it for the moment??

      It was mentioned. ILM will maintain its independent status as a go-to source for

      special effects for all of Hollywood and foreign movies. Much like Disney has

      done with Pixar.

      > With more Star Wars films in the offing, one has to wonder

      > when they mention Luke Skywalker is whether they�re going

      > to recast or have the older actors back as a link to a new line.

      My understanding, from the guy who runs a major Star Wars fan site on the web

      who was interviewed on local radio, Lucas has written preliminary treatments for

      each of the 3 films. They are supposed to take place several years after "Return

      of The Jedi". That's all he had on the film plots and I'm sure Disney will keep

      a lid on it until release.

      If they take place long enough after RotJ, I'm sure that Mark Hamill would

      probably enjoy revisiting Luke as a middle aged man. Carrie Fisher I'm not sure

      could anymore, even after her stint with Jenny Craig Weight Loss Clinics.

      Harrison Ford? With rumors running rampant that he may appear in Ridley Scott's

      new Blade Runner universe film and neither denying it, maybe we could see Han

      Solo again.


      > put in charge of the film and how much respect they have for

      > the source material.

      True, but Disney has proven lately to capable of finding "the right man" for the

      job and turn out some pretty stellar stuff.

      The only disappointment about the interviews I read was when a question was

      fielded about Indiana Jones. It was kinda brushed aside and minimized by the

      Disney exec. That doesn't bode well for folks like me who are bigger Indy fans

      than Star Wars.

      Rob McNay

      Chicago IL

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