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926Re: OT: 4 Star Trek shows banned by BBC during 80s

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  • Len_S@bigfoot.com
    Aug 9, 2001
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      I think I'm right in saying that all 4 of these have now been shown
      in the UK and, as a recent (supposedly complete) rerun of Trek
      Classic has just begun, will probably be shown again.

      Miri was screened once before the decision to ban it, and it's
      possible that complaints about it caused them to review (& ban) 3
      others. The Empath was originally banned, I believe, because of
      excessive violence (or blood), Plato's Stepchildren because of an
      interracial kiss (not to mention Spock's bondage gear & whip), and
      Whom Gods Destroy I think was violence again, possibly where Yvonne
      (Batgirl) Craig gets blown up. Hey, I'm doing this from memory so I
      may be way off!

      They were all available uncut on video here long before the decision
      to finally screen them on TV was made.

      There was also a Next Generation episode banned because of an IRA
      reference (which they could simply have cut - they used to cut
      many "violence moments" from ST:TNG). This has still not been shown,
      although I believe is available on video.

      > At 11:07 PM 8/1/00 +0000, you wrote:
      > >Does anyone know whether or not there was any follow-up on this
      > >story? Did the BBC change their minds on those four episodes in
      > >later years? Or did Paramount edit them to make them more
      > >
      > >Don
      > >dghprobe3@a...
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