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8888RE: [probe_control] Re: Update from Warner Archives

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  • Marta Dawes
    May 5, 2012
      I doubt anyone believes it will really be released on Blu-ray. We were all just speculating on what the holdup might be, and wishing that it might mean a Blu-ray release.


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      I dislike being the proverbial wet blanket, but aren't we jumping the gun a bit anticipating Blu-Ray on 'Search' when we'll be lucky to even get DVD-R? Let's not forget there's a reason those episodes sat on the shelf or a rack in a warehouse for decades. Remember, they were coded For Export Only. For whatever reason, (my paranoid guess would be that they were just out to screw Leslie Stevens), they didn't want this thing shown Stateside ever again. It's only now that they are scraping the bottom of the barrel that the suits are considering releasing the show at all--and that on the on-demand system. I don't mean to sound cruel and nasty, but someone has to say it. Go ahead and hate all over me if you must, I'm used to it. I'm willing to bet the main reason for the delay is the music clearances. Anyone who crosses BMI (Broadcast Music International) lives to regret it...


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      > If they had been able to go to a vault and pull out all of the 35mm copies
      > NBC had used, and they were in decent shape (without having turned red)
      > then it might have been released by now.

      Actually when I was at Starz I spoke with WB about what elements exist and they did confirm at least 35mm copies did exist in their database (which someone else on this forum also confirmed). However I am also wondering if they actually found print negatives which then helped them make the decision of a possible Blu Ray release? Since the show wasn't in wide syndication, the masters probably sat on the shelf in the vault for years safely untouched. Now that I think about it I wonder if the film to HD conversion might be the delay as well? (in other words the transfers are taking longer than originally thought) In theory it's simple to do a 35mm to HD conversion, however you never really know what problems you'll encounter until you actually start doing it, and believe me there are MANY (color space issues, frame conversion issues, finding those horrible large streaks, etc.)


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