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8886RE: [probe_control] Re: Update from Warner Archives

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  • Robert McNay
    May 5, 2012
      The Warner Archives MOD system doesn't do BluRay, only DVD.

      Rob McNay
      Chicago IL

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      > If they had been able to go to a vault and pull out all of the 35mm
      > copies NBC had used, and they were in decent shape (without having
      > turned red) then it might have been released by now.

      Actually when I was at Starz I spoke with WB about what elements exist and
      they did confirm at least 35mm copies did exist in their database (which
      someone else on this forum also confirmed). However I am also wondering if
      they actually found print negatives which then helped them make the decision
      of a possible Blu Ray release? Since the show wasn't in wide syndication,
      the masters probably sat on the shelf in the vault for years safely
      untouched. Now that I think about it I wonder if the film to HD conversion
      might be the delay as well? (in other words the transfers are taking longer
      than originally thought) In theory it's simple to do a 35mm to HD
      conversion, however you never really know what problems you'll encounter
      until you actually start doing it, and believe me there are MANY (color
      space issues, frame conversion issues, finding those horrible large streaks,



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