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8843Re: [probe_control] That Elusive Invisibility Movie

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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Apr 4, 2012
      That's not a bad idea! (Time to visit the Sony site!)


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      Actually, according to the TCM info, this is a United Artists film. Sony owns
      MGM, which just recently remerged with UA. Sony has an MoD program, like Warner
      Bros. Maybe it could be submitted as a future release under that?

      Rob McNay
      Chicago IL

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      Subject: [probe_control] That Elusive Invisibility Movie

      OKAY! I finally found it! (Thank you, Turner Classic Movies archive list!)

      The Movie was "Matchless", and you were right, Geoff; it was not a pilot for a
      series but a theatrical film (although it would have made a great pilot for a

      From the TCM site: http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/17221/Matchless/

      "Mistaken for a spy by the Communist Chinese, New York journalist Perry
      "Matchless" Liston is tortured to obtain information about a lethal chemical
      substance. An elderly Oriental with whom he shares a cell gives Liston a ring
      that, when rubbed, makes him invisible for a short period of time. With the
      ring's help, he escapes from a Chinese firing squad but lands in the U. S.
      military's torture chamber for his presumed knowledge about the same chemical.
      He reluctantly agrees to assist U. S. intelligence forces in recovering the
      formula as well as samples of the substance held by Andreanu, a sinister
      international gangster. Aided by agent Arabella, whom he meets in London, Liston
      plots to get the material out of a Munich bank, but he encounters competition
      from foreign agent Tipsy and American traitor Hank Norris. Eventually Liston
      succeeds in extracting the formula and samples by employing the magical ring.
      Not trusting even the U. S. military with the dangerous information, Liston
      throws everything into the harbor at Hamburg. Unknown to Arabella, however,
      Liston keeps the magic ring."

      There is one small clip I could find on Youtube (which sadly doesn't show much
      of the invisibility thing), but I think everyone here will recognize the bad guy
      in it:

      And it does have a St. John starring in it: Howard St. John. It also stars
      Donald Pleasance (Blofeld in "You Only Live Twice"), Sorrell Booke (Boss Hogg
      from "Dukes of Hazzard"), Patrick O'Neal (he's the one who gets the ring), and
      Henry Silva, among others.

      And the good news is it's available for Instant Viewing on Netflix! (And yes;
      I've already added it to my Instant Queue!) If you go to this TCM link:
      in the upper right corner there is a button where you can vote to have the movie
      released on home video. It's currently not available for that, but like with
      'Search', if enough people vote, we could see it on DVD one day. (It will ask
      for your e-mail address when you vote, but that's just to make sure the same
      person doesn't keep voting again and again and again...)

      I'm going to bed now.


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