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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Apr 3, 2012

      I have taken photos of my garden, and various rooms in my house at times, and when you compare the photos to the actual garden or rooms, they look like what were photographed.

      In the 'Voyager' footage, that bridge looks hugely wide, which had to be a trick of the camera lens (focal length or something like that - I'm not a photographer so I can't explain it in detail, but I do have a friend who is and maybe she could go into the gory details). I do know that my friend at Paramount did say they used a wide-angle lens for the filming to make the bridge look larger than it was because after standing on that set and seeing it first hand, I can say it was nowhere near as large (or as wide as in the footage) as it appeared on screen. It was a small cozy space, which amazed me because after watching the show for two years by then I was expecting to see this huge area.

      Personally, I would have liked to see it appear "life-sized" on screen rather than artificially enlarged by a camera lens because in person it had more of a "vessel's bridge" feel to it. I've been on large ships many times - stationed aboard and just visiting - and they all had a bridge that wasn't much larger than a 24 x 18-foot room, even the battleship USS WISCONSIN which isn't far from where I live (aircraft carriers excepted: never had the chance to visit one of them to see their bridge).


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      Hello Dino

      Have you ever photographed, assuming you
      have one, your garden and without recognisable landmarks, know it was your
      garden?? In the viewfinder, the camera isolates the amount of information your
      head normally takes in.

      I�ve seen the same thing when my town
      appears on TV. It appears bigger than it really is for similar reasons. It
      tends to make you be wary of scale with anything on TV.


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