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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Apr 2, 2012
      Well, anyone who's seen her in "Coma" will attest to the fact that she is (or at least then was) a great actress who could - and did - put great emotion into that role. I know 'Voyager' was over 20 years after "Coma", and Bujold didn't look like she'd aged 20+ years, but maybe that had something to do with her lack of emotion in her portrayal. As to the director having her standing in her Ready Room for that conversation with Tuvok? Only he would know why he did that.

      One thing to add is how amazing it was for them to make the sets look as large as they did. After seeing the Bridge/Captain's Ready Room/Conference Room set (and yes, they are all one set just like you see it on screen), they are NOT as large as they look. The bridge was small and rather cozy-feeling even with the view screen wall rolled aside (leaving that part of the bridge open). The Ready Room and Conference Room were just as cozy. My friend said (and it was backed up by her boss, who was a really nice person) that they used wide-angle lenses on the cameras to make the bridge sets look larger, and it also exaggerated the actors' movements, so they would walk with shorter steps, making it look like they were walking farther distances, and the camera lens made it look as though they were walking normally.

      Hollywood magic: you've got to love it!


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      What also surprises me about those two clips (Bujold vs Mulgrew 1 &
      2...which are from the DVD releases) is the difference in blocking between
      the two. I realize we are only seeing master shots of Bujold, but still,
      the director had her standing the whole time in her quarters for that long
      speech about knowing the crew better?

      But you can see Bujold mentally going down the page in her mind trying to
      get all her lines. I have done extra work on movies and TV shows, and it
      is amazing the difference when you are shooting two minutes of footage a
      day vs 10 minutes a day. Some folks just need or want the leisurely
      schedule of two minutes a day.

      I have never seen any of Bujold's work. Maybe others can comment.

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