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8823Re: Illness at the Bottom of the Sea

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  • dghprobe3
    Apr 1, 2012
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      --- In probe_control, actingman6 wrote:
      > ...I can't say I know this for a fact, but my take
      > is they simply gave [Richman] Basehart's stuff
      > which resulted in the "split personality"...

      It's been some time since I've seen that particular Voyage episode, so I googled a bit and found this:

      "In "The Monster's Web" (featuring a lively and hairy giant sea spider) Basehart's character is in some scenes, conspicuously absent in others, and badly doubled here and there by a stand-in wrapped in bandages. The show must have driven guest star Peter Mark Richman crazy: with Basehart M.I.A., it looks like Richman's part was beefed up, with the familiar character actor taking over several of Basehart's scenes. This would be fine except Basehart's Nelson is cautious and heroic, while Richman's is supposed to be reckless and obsessive, so in the final cut of the show Richman's character comes off hopelessly schizophrenic..."

      What comes to mind is the Star Trek TOS episode, "The Alternative Factor." John Drew Barrymore was originally cast as Lazarus, but on the morning filming began he was nowhere to be found. The part had to be recast in a hurry with Robert Brown. We don't know for sure that there are two different Lazari until somewhat deep into the episode, so there is a seeming schizophrenia at first. However, the only notable difference between the two is a bandage on the head of one of them. Even with the bandage, it is hard to tell who is the good one and who is the bad one. Apparently the episode was filmed in a rush and there wasn't time to work the scenes out better.

      More on Voyage: The same link above also reports that "the third show without Basehart [The Mechanical Man] rearranged dialogue so that Hedison more or less got Nelson's part while Dowdell reads lines originally intended for Capt. Crane..."
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