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8822Re: [probe_control] Prisoner and Gemini

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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Apr 1, 2012

      Yeah, I know the movie I'm looking for isn't related to 'Gemini Man'. It was a one off - possibly a pilot that didn't sell. I doubt it was based on any super-hero comic. If it wasn't listed in your book, it's possible it wasn't a US production, but only had a lead character who was American, sort of like 'The Liquidator'; with the exception of Jill St. John every other cast member was British, Australian (including the lead, Boysie, who was supposed to be an American), or from other countries. In fact 'The Liquidator' was a British film, so I guess it's possible the movie I'm trying to locate the title of could also be a British production?

      And I did find a USB port when I went looking for the serial number on my cable DVR box. Yay! Now all I have to do is pull the manual to see how best to get recorded things off of it. The little jump drives seem to be universal - I can take things from my PC to my Mac and vice-versa with no trouble, so maybe the same will hold for the DVR. (The manual will probably say how to use the USB port.)

      In the meantime, I'll keep on the lookout for that obscure movie. And should I happen to find it I'll let everyone know what the title is.


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      Hello Dino

      book I used was quite comprehensive for TV movies for that period so it might
      reduce the are where you look. �Gemini Man� had a ninety minute pilot and later
      after the series was cancelled, had four of its stories turned into two ninety
      minute TV movies � I recorded those off the TV but they don�t include anything
      you�re describing.

      forget, you�re asking for a character that didn�t just turn invisible but
      became a phantom as well. That�s an unusual combination. It wouldn�t have been
      based off any of the super-hero comics.

      DVR isn�t really a DVD recorder, just a digital box with a hard drive. Can you
      give me a make and serial number so I can see if there�s a picture of it on the
      Net. That USB port might be your salvation but don�t forget the order of
      things. Computer on first and then digital box.


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