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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Mar 4, 2012
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      Ah. I see now. Some props (mock-ups) though are rather resiliently built. The full-scale Vipers from both original and new 'Galactica' were solid enough for actors to climb in, out , and all over them. The Raptor from the new 'Galactica' was solid enough that, at least in the pilot miniseries, it was actually lifted into the air via crane for the take-off sequences. (The clever director and producers never told the actors this would happen, the actors believing the crane was just there to move the Raptor into place. So they got a huge surprise when they "initiated lift off" and the thing actually left the ground!) The now-defunct cylon.org site had a section of it where they showed the original 'Galactica' full-scale Viper, and its force-perspective sister under construction, and both were being build from sturdy wood beams and plywood bulkheads. I guess they were planning to get lots of daily use out of each. Even the cockpit was built with working lights and such. (And like the original KITT's dashboard and controls, a second cockpit mock-up was built separately for easy access for close-up filming of the controls being operated.)

      The same hold true for the full-scale mock-up of the original LIS Space Pod. It was lifted and lowered for the take-off/landing scenes via crane, with one of the actors visible inside it. (Although at this point in time they carefully "cropped" the top off while filming because, unlike 'Galactica''s Raptor, LIS didn't have the budget or technology to digitize out the heavy cables.)

      I don't know about the X-Wing used in the 'Star Wars' films or how many they had made, but at least one seemed to be rather solidly build as well. Aside from people crawling all over it, it was also craned around the studio set to show Yoda using The Force to lift it out of the swamp. The Snowspeeder I can see being just hardboard because all we really ever saw of it up close was when Luke climbed into it, and then crawled out of it after it crashed. So I'm guessing only its cockpit was the "solid" part.

      The full-scale starfighters (2- and 4-seater models) from 'Buck Rodgers' were never shown flying, but they did have people all over them like with the Vipers.

      I guess it all comes down to budget, and what's expected of the mock-up with how solidly it's built.


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      Hello Dino

      The point I was making about the
      snowspeeder is that all these vehicles are smoke, mirrors and hardboard. Only
      they’re at least physical unlike that film clip

      It’s come up a few times over the years


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