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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Jan 1, 2012
      I read the article on "SEARCH Series Gets A New Look" and I can't agree that it was a move for the better. Changing PROBE Control from the dark, covert operations center look to a "concrete wall to 'contain' this room". It did nothing to still allow it to keep the look of a "secret operation center". What it did was make PROBE Control look like the average data processing centers of the day. I'd seen several; my friend's uncle owned them and I would hang out there once in a while when my friend did some part-time work for his uncle.

      As to the "lighting" playing a large part: true, lighting does play a huge role in any production, whether TV series or major motion picture. However, I don't understand Harpman's reasoning when he says of their art director "He is using less striking colors... By more use of simple lighting, a better color balance is achieved".

      The art director went from using red lighting in the dark set (used in most covert ops centers where things are dark and lit mostly by red lighting - I've worked in some of them in the military - to using lighting that made everything in the white/extremely pale grey PROBE Control look strikingly blue. So, going from mostly red to mostly blue with little other colors; how is that a "better color balance"?

      The redesign was a bad move all around in my book. If they wanted to change the look of PROBE Control, they should have just brightened the lighting in the existing set: lose the red lights and use white lighting, like in the beginning of the Pilot when Lockwood and Cameron had their meeting with Dr. Laurent, like in these stills here:

      Even this very first shot of PROBE Control from the pilot:
      is brighter, and has more "color balance" than what they did with the bright, rearranged set.

      Just turning up the lights should have been enough to lighten the mood of things if they thought it was "eerie" and didn't like the "limbo or infinity" aspect (which is what most of us think made the show the success it initially was).

      End Run,

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      There is a new folder in the Photos section containing news articles relating to Search and/or Search cast & crew members. Here is a link to the "NewsArticles" folder, it may or may not work:


      The articles include:

      7-10-65 item on Hugh O'Brian's uncredited appearance in the movie "In Harm's Way," and why it was uncredited.

      2-18-72 item on the premiere of the PROBE pilot movie. Hugh O'Brian says, "We've put a million or two (dollars) into this thing, and I think we've got something."

      8-25-72 item on the name change from Probe to SEARCH. Rather catty article includes references to the infamous press conference which introduced the new series to reporters. Mentions Angel Tompkins discussing the near-pornographic opening scene for Probe which was intended as a gag. "O'Brian made his opening impression with the press by passing out calling cards: 'I am a Probe... please excuse my hands.'"

      1-24-73 item, "Warner Resumes Search Filming" on the episode "The 24 Carat Hit."

      2-10-73 item on Fred Harpman: "SEARCH Series Gets New Look" as the Probe Control sets are changed.

      4-9-73 item, "The Search for the Real Hugh O'Brian," includes some nuggets I hadn't read before. Discusses his knee injury while filming the first episode of Search, the fact that he worked the rest of the season on the injured knee, and the eventual surgery he had. "The network's decision to drop Search was a big disappointment. Search represented a lot of money and mental anguish to him. '...It didn't develop the way I expected and hoped it would.' Midway through the season they did a complete overhaul of the show, in an attempt to humanize it. O'Brian thinks the change was definitely beneficial but it came too late. He owned a piece of the show. Since he was only one of several rotating stars he was paid even when he wasn't on screen..."

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