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6179Re: [probe_control] Re: Comets, Eggs, and Vincent (Oh my!)

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  • LambuLambu@aol.com
    Nov 3, 2010

      You're right; Frederick Pohl isn't an author I've read, at least not yet.
      I'll have to look into some of his works.

      As far as the TARDIS goes, I applaud the BBC winning the legal battle
      against the Metropolitan Police to claim the rights to the image of the Police
      Box, especially since the Beeb kept the image going for more than 40 years
      after the Met demolished 99% of all Police Boxes in Britain. (Several
      friends of ours also refer to those blue Port-a-loos as TARDISes.)

      John Logie Baird? I'll check with the wife on this one. Her best friend
      from high school is a Baird (at least until she got married) and she might
      know something if there is a relation. (And this is a mild torment for me...
      the two girls in high school I wanted most to marry just had to be best
      friends, and this I didn't learn until after I started dating my wife. It was
      one of those introduction moments of "It's you?!"... "It's you!") And
      actually, according to my wife, as far back as she could remember, her father
      read nothing but the Bible. (The DaVinci Code is nothing in conspiracy
      theories compared to what he felt was hidden in books.)

      Speaking of books, I'll ask my wife if she has any idea how many she's read
      so far. It may not be a billion, but it may come close. If she stops to
      sit for more than a few seconds, she's got a book in her hands. I seriously
      hope she never gets into the British Museum; if she finds those books I'll
      never see her again. (Darned shame about that Library of Alexandria, though,
      but I had to do SOMETHING to get her out of there!)


      In a message dated 11/2/2010 3:37:17 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
      gfwillmetts@... writes:

      Hello Dino

      Re: out of body space travel. You’ve obviously not read any of Frederick
      Pohl’s Heechee books.
      I was joshing you about the TARDIS. Despite its look, most generations
      just call it and even the real thing, a TARDIS these days over here. It was
      probably the first most surreal-looking time machine.

      As I don’t drink any coffee or tea variants, I’ve never been in such
      places but I always have a memory of Sally from ‘Third Rock From The Sun’
      throwing the froth away from such concoctions.

      You mean there isn’t people watching me through the TV set?? Your wife’s
      father obviously read ‘1984’. Does that mean John Logie Baird was Satan??
      As I understand, our British Museum is supposed to keep copies of all
      books printed and its in excess of a billion hence your wife is unlikely to
      have read them all.

      Re: your story. I just picked the commonest place where I’d seen the plot.
      You’ll probably find all major SF TV shows have touched on it from time to
      time. This is why it pays to keep attention as to what is out there. Just
      because you started before seeing such shows doesn’t give you any priority
      over the idea other than making sure it has an original and different
      solution or outcome.
      I think I’ve commented before that it would probably help your cause more
      with building up your name by having it seen in short stories in various
      mags first to show that you have a following to any publisher you approach.
      To have so much hope on a single first novel is actually the bigger risk.
      Most neo-writers see selling a book as a means to a little money if not
      some wealth although if you really want to do that, don’t write Science
      Fiction. You’d make better money from romance.


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